Is a Browning BPS a good turkey gun?

Is a Browning BPS a good turkey gun?

The Browning Pump Shotgun (BPS) has been a trusted model for over 40 years, and the National Wild Turkey Federation model is great for turkey hunting. It feeds from the bottom rather than the side and has a top-tang safety, making it fully ambidextrous.

Did Browning make a pump shotgun?

Description. The reliability of the Browning® BPS® Field Pump-Action Shotgun starts with rigid, dual machined, steel slide bars, housed inside a receiver machined from a solid block of forged steel. The BPS Field features a satin finished walnut stock and fore-end, and a matte blued barrel and receiver.

Is a Mossberg 835 a good turkey gun?

The 835 Ulti-mag is a good turkey gun if you can stand the recoil. I had one for several years and tried to shoot 3 1/2″ shells out of it.

What does back bored do on a BPS 12 gauge shotgun?

BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY — Today’s new, improved BPS 12 gauge shotguns feature Back-Bored Technology. Back-boring increases the inside bore diameter to its ideal, maximum allowable specification. This reduces friction between the shot cup and the barrel, reducing shot deformation for better patterning.

Is the Browning BPS a good hunting gun?

Those that shoot a BPS are a unique bunch . . . a bit more serious about their hunting guns than most! A REPUTATION AS SOLID AS STEEL — Few firearms ever earn the level of respect the Browning BPS boasts.

What makes a BPS pump action shotgun reliable?

RELIABLE PUMP-ACTION — The proven pump-action features rugged steel components. Rigid double action bars are made from heat-treated steel to eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient slide-action operation. Reliable in all conditions.

What kind of stock does a Browning pump action shotgun use?

TRIMMABLE COMPOSITE STOCK — The new composite stock features a straight heel section that makes it easy for a gunsmith to shorten the length of pull 3/4″ and refit the recoil pad. OVERSIZED TRIGGER GUARD — The trigger guard is large and has carefully rounded edges to accommodate gloved fingers.