Is the Mossberg 640kd chambered for 22 Magnum?

Is the Mossberg 640kd chambered for 22 Magnum?

No products in the cart. You are considering a vintage Mossberg 640KD Chuckster. It’s chambered for 22 Magnum and is in fantastic shape. The walnut wood stock does not have any serious damage — no deep cuts, gouges, or cracks. The barrel measures 24 inches and the bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling.

Are there any warranties on a Mossberg Chuckster?

Seller disclaims all express and implied warranties including that of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Seller makes no claim as to the nature, extent or availability of any original manufacturer warranty.

Is there a serial number for A.22 Magnum Mossberg?

I just inherited a .22 Magnum Mossberg 640K Chuckster (Pre-1968 GCA — No Serial Number). I managed to locate some Savage magazines that with a little modification I got fit and function. Does anyone on this forum have any experience with this rifle?

Is there a fix for the Mossberg 600?

THE ONLY fix is the BKL offset rings. (I used the #274) these will allow the mounting of most scopes to a usable position. This is a curse of the latter mossberg 300/600 series design. Along with the crappy trigger. the trigger can be worked.

What kind of condition is a Mossberg varmint gun?

Awesome varmint gun, or plinkster. The stock shows only the most faint handling marks. No chips, no cracks no major gauges. 98% blue condition. Just faint blue wear at the tip of the muzzle and on some of the moving action parts. all in all id rate 97-98%.

What was the last Mossberg bolt action rifle made?

183 K A Different select choke 1956 1960 L Single Shot Rifle Falling Block 1929 1932 183 K B Slimmer Barrel With select Choke 1960 1968 M Slide Action Rifle 1928 1931 185 D 20 gauge Bolt Action 1947 1959 R Bolt action Rifle 1929 1932 185 D A 20 gauge Bolt Action 1950 1950 S Slide Action Rifle

What kind of gun is a Mossberg 26C?

26C Same as 26 B with different sites 1938 1941 190 D 16 gauge bolt action 1955 1958 30 Low Priced Rifle with peep 1933 1935 195 12 gauge bolt action 1954 1955