Is the trigger pull on a Browning difficult to tune?

Is the trigger pull on a Browning difficult to tune?

As we shall see, the Browning trigger pull is notoriously difficult to tune, largely because of this strange geometry of its design. The Browning has an extremely slim slide, elegantly tapered toward the front, when compared to modern duty-type 9mm autos.

What can I do with a Browning Hi Power?

Common modifications include: smoothing and lightening the trigger, checking or stippling the front strap, and changing sights. Robar Guns, 10 Ring Precision, Cylinder and Slide, Novak, and The Action Works are just a few of the better gunsmiths that deal with the High Power.

How do you set boss on Browning rifle?

One full revolution of the micro-adjustable locknut indicates one full change in setting or one index mark on the barrel. 1/10 turn increments are set by rotating the micro-adjustable locknut until the desired setting lines up with the hatch mark on the barrel. BOSS on the barrel with each change in “sweet spot” setting.

How to set your Browning boss to the sweet spot?

2 After having made sure your BOSS is calibrated properly on the barrel, rotate the micro-adjustable locknut counterclockwise six full revolutions. The edge of the micrometer adjustment ring should line up or rest on the marking for 6 on the barrel of the rifle. the wrench through one end of an exhaust hole and out through another.

Why is my slide not working on my new pistol?

First, the slide is not properly lubricated or is partially obstructed, and the friction between the slide and frame is preventing movement. On new pistols, small burrs (or variations in the metal) on the slide or slide rail could be creating points where your slide sticks preventing you from pulling the slide back completely.

What was the problem with the Browning Hi Power?

Many of the Hi-Power’s flaws were cured over time by the industry, and particularly by FN/Browning. Until 1962, the GP had an internal extractor that was very small, and prone to breakage.

What do you need for Browning Hi Power Mk II?

Hi-Power MK II & MK III trigger pull overtravel & take-up reduction modification – requires changes to slide, sear and trigger levers and trigger. Furnish and install Novak or Heinie fixed sights black – (tritium, gold dot or white dots available at extra cost).