Is the Winchester Model 21 still in production?

Is the Winchester Model 21 still in production?

Unfortunately, Winchester discovered that the Model 21 was simply too expensive to build and sell as a production item, and for most of its life the gun has been put together in the Winchester Custom Shop. After 1959 Model 21’s were only available as special order Custom Built guns.

How big is a field load on a Winchester Model 21?

This gun was featured in Winchester advertisements, photographed with the pile of 2,000 fired proof load hulls behind it. In another test, Winchester technicians fired a standard 1 1/8 oz 12 gauge field load in a Model 21 with the top lever and locking bolt removed.

How tall is a model 12 Winchester stock?

Max length of pull of 15″ with a 1″ pad. (Longer lengths available) To the left is the monte carlo style stock. It is pictured unfinished with “B” style checkering made from black walnut. Once finish is applied it will darken considerably. Max length of pull 14 3/4 with a 1″ pad.

Why was the soaring barrel used on the Winchester 70?

The soaring barrel remained, as Winchester was committed to using a free floating barrel on the new Model 70 and had over estimated the gap required.

Is there a Winchester Model 42 forearm for sale?

WINCHESTER MODEL 42 FOREARM LATE FLAT BOTTOM EXCELLENT. PAYAMENT BY CHECK ONLY SHIPS FREE. Click for more info Gunstock and forend for Connecticut RBL 20 gauge shotgun. Exhibition grade Turkish walnut. Upgaded checkering and straigjht hand grip with 14 1/4 LOP. Very attractive style and colo …Click for more info

What kind of forend do I need for a Winchester Model 12?

Next, since a Winchester model 12 forend needs a firm grip, you can select a wood forend with checkered grip to reduce slippage. Finally, a complete Winchester 1897 stock and forearm containing checkering on both shoulder and palm swell delivers the accuracy you are aiming for. What types of metals constitute a used Winchester model 12 stock?

Where to buy Winchester shotgun stock and forend?

Winchester 1200, 20ga Shotgun Part. Stock & Forend Your Winchester shotgun stocks and forearms need your attention to keep them in excellent condition, so you’ve headed to eBay for suitable new or preowned items.