What do the letters on a Browning shotgun mean?

What do the letters on a Browning shotgun mean?

lot is that applied to Japanese-made Miroku shotguns, and the break-action guns they build for Browning. Japan does not have a gun barrel proof act, but the Miroku/Browning system is remarkable for its clarity. Two letters at the end of the serial number indicate the year. Z=1; Y=2; X=3; W=4; V=5; T=6; R=7; P=8, N=9; and M=0.

Where are the choke markings on a Browning?

The fixed choke markings are denoted by * marks on the bottom of the barrel under the forearm assembly. 3 on the left barrel and 4 on the right. *** Modified choke **** Improved Cylinder

Where do you find the serial number on a Browning?

If your barrel has a serial number, it will appear in the barrel ring like this: FN stopped matching the barrel’s serial numbers to the receiver’s in 1953, and I believe later barrels had no serial number. They had numbers, but not serial numbers. Another way to date a barrel is with the date code.

When did the Browning Superposed shotgun come out?

The gun I love the most is a Browning Superposed made in 1958. It has a very small wrist and a sweeping pistol grip. It too measures 14 inches but it seems to fit me most naturally.

Where are the proof marks on a nitro gun?

The second and third indicate it was proofed at Liège. The one on the far right is the definite proof for nitro, or smokeless powder. Lee Kennett did a fine survey, “A History of Proof Marks: Gun Proof in Belgium,” that was published in The Gun Digest (1978). I’ve reproduced Kennett’s numbers in the complete list at the end of this post:

Why do I have proof marks on my gun?

This can be caused by corrosion, wear, excessive cleaning with abrasive material, or the deliberate removal of metal, for example, when a gun is rebored. The Proof Acts require a gun to be re-proofed if it has been “materially weakened” by repair work such as reboring or weld/brazing of the action.

What do the numbers mean on a shotgun?

The second two digits identify the type of gun, and 03 indicates a shotgun. The next sequence of digits is the manufacturer’s serial number, and the last pair of digits is the year of manufacture (for instance, 98 indicates 1998, and 05 indicates 2005). The simplest date coding of the

What are the names of the parts of a shotgun?

Here is a clear explanation of the functions of named parts of a shotgun, namely a side-by-side boxlock with side plates, based on the Anson & Deeley design. What is a boxlock shotgun? In a boxlock shotgun the inner workings, the “lockwork” sits inside the box of the gun’s action.

Is the KS-23 a rifle or carbine?

The KS-23 is a pump-action shotgun with a rifled barrel. Its bolt has four locking lugs. In spite of the weapon being a shotgun, the KS-23 is classified as a carbine in Russia due to its rifled barrel.