What is a black widow Luger?

What is a black widow Luger?

These distinctive pistols, with their black bakelite grips and un-numbered black plastic magazine bottoms are known as the “Black Widow” variant of the P-08 Luger pistol.

When was my Luger made?

The first production model was known as the Modell 1900 Parabellum. It was followed by the “Marinepistole 1904” for the Imperial German Navy. The Luger was officially adopted by the Swiss military in 1901, the Imperial German Navy in 1906 and the German Army in 1908….

Luger pistol
Designer Georg Luger
Designed 1898

Are Black Widow lugers rare?

08 “BLACK WIDOW” LUGER PISTOL, VERY RARE VARIANT ONLY 7000 MADE, VERY SHARP! In 98% very sharp condition, we have a very fine example of the rare and elusive Mauser 41-42 Code P. 08 Luger Pistol in Black Widow configuration with the Black Plastic grips.

What is serial number on still Luger P08?

I have purchased this Luger a few months ago. Here are the identification markers: “DWM”, Crown over “N”, Letter suffixed serial number, Gesichert under saftey toggle, and no date stamp. No other marking is there except one. It appears to be the number “82” that was scratched on the side of the lever that pivots when the gun is cocked.

What was the P08 Luger BYF S / 42 made for?

P08 Luger Mauser BYF S/42 P08 Luger Mauser BYF S/42 SOLD $2275.00 WWII Nazi Army Issue – Black Widow Model Categories: Firearms, Other Firearms How To Order Description Reviews (0) Description Luger P08 Mauser BYF S/42 WWII Nazi Army Issue – Black Widow Model SOLD $2275.00 Made in Germany by Mauser in 1942

When did Parabellum P08 pistols go out of production?

Although the Walther P38 pistols had already been named the new standard sidearm of German officers since 1940, Parabellum P08 pistols remain in production until 1943. In WW2, Parabellum P08 pistols continued to be favored souvenirs.