What is a Walther P 38 worth?

What is a Walther P 38 worth?

WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol is currently worth an average price of $943.05 used . The demand of new WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol’s has risen 5 units over the past 12 months.

Why is it called a P38 can opener?

The P-38 acquired its infamous nomenclature from the 38 punctures around the C-ration can required for opening and the boast that it performed with the speed of the World War II P-38 fighter plane. “Soldiers just took to the P-38 naturally,” said World War II veteran John Bandola.

When did the Walther P-38 pistol come out?

After a few minor modifications to the safety system, the Wehrmacht adopted the Walther in 1938 as the Pistole 38, or as it is more commonly known, the P-38. The P-38 was the first DA/SA pistol adopted by a major power.

Do you need a test card for a Walther P38?

The Walther auto pistol Model P38 can be supplied, upon request, in a polished and blued finish. A spare magazine, a cleaning rod, and a test card are supplied with every pistol. The complete equipment also includes a technical description and is delivered in a stout carton. The pistol P38 has an external hammer.

Who was the person who captured the Walther P38?

But speaking of P38s, let me give you an update on one of the stories that we did. It was a P38 that was captured by Kenneth Price who won the Silver Star and the Bronze Star, wounded three times. I told you that story and many of you wrote and said what a shame, why didn’t the family want the gun.

How tall is the Walther P38 double action?

2 P38 General Data: Caliber: 9mm Parabellum (Luger) Action: Double-Action Semiauto Overall Length: 214mm/8-7/16” Height of Pistol: 136mm/5-3/8” Length of Barrel:125mm/4-15/16” Number of rifling grooves: 6 Rifling twist: 1 in 10”, right twist Empty Weight: 780g/27.5oz. Loaded Weight: 865g/30.5oz.