What kind of stock does Mossberg model 42 use?

What kind of stock does Mossberg model 42 use?

The Mossberg Model 42 rifle was a sporting/target based design which offered an excellent basis on which minor modifications could comparatively easily be made to current production lines; the substitution of the three-quarter length stock with a full-length military style stock being the most significant and obvious.

What was the serial number of the Mossberg rifle?

Previous to this date, Mossberg had used only a letter code on their production rather than serial numbers. Arranging to add the serial numbers required by the British Government took time, and the first 2,500 rifles left the factory not so marked.

Where is Mossberg O F and Sons located?

Mossberg, O. F. & Sons, Inc. Location: North Haven, Connecticut. Founded by Oscar F. Mossberg in 1892 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Company for a time was located at Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts and since 1962 has been in North Haven, Connecticut.

What kind of sights did the Mossberg use?

Many were damaged, and Parker-Hale modified one of their “Sportarget” rear-sights with a bracket to fit the left-hand side of the Mossberg receiver. These sights were fitted, post-war, to many of those rifles which escaped return to the U.S.A. under the Lend-Lease contract terms.

What is the weight of a Mossberg 22?

Weight 4.5 lbs. Plain pistol grip beech or birch walnut finished stock with finger grooves made to NRA specifications, 7/8″ sling and swivels. Chrome plated bolt, handle and trigger. No. 133 gold bead front sight, No. 2 rear sight. Made 1933-1935. Exploded View Special thanks to Steve E. for the great Photo! Model 21 bolt action single shot rifle.

What kind of rifle was Mossberg in 1950?

Vintage (1950’s) 22 Rifle W/ Folding Front Stock: O.F. MOSSBERG& SONS- MODEL 142-A. Excellent Condition- Hard-To-Find ITEM! Buyer Pays All Shipping& Insurance Sold”As Is” No Returns You are bidding on a vintage Mossberg Model S-130.22 rifle receiver Peep Sight part that is incomplete. In overall very good to excellent condition.

What are the rifling grooves on a Mossberg 22?

Excerpts from a letter dated 1954 on rifling of Mossberg 22 lr rifles. STANDARD .22 CALIBER BARREL SPECIFICATIONS ON MODELS PRIOR TO 1951 “The lead was right hand, and all were made with a twist of one revolution in 16”. The grooves 0.084, lands 0.086 wide and 0.0025 deep, plus or minus 0.0002. The rifling concentric with the bore.