What shotgun is made in Belgium?

What shotgun is made in Belgium?

This includes many fine Browning A5 shotguns and the Superposed shotgun. Today, Belgian firearms designer Francotte builds famed double barreled shotguns and fine rifles. Other makers include Lebeau Courally and Mahillon.

Which Brownings are made in Belgium?

Belgium (Custom) The Superposed and other special high grade firearms are still manufactured at the Browning Custom Shop as part of the John M. Browning Collection, in Herstal, Belgium. Guns at this facility are not really manufactured — they are meticulously crafted.

Where does the serial number on a Belgium Browning come from?

The Belgium Browning is not a particular model of gun, as most Browning firearms have historically been manufactured in Belgium. Serial numbers help gun owners date their firearms, but they are not always reliable for older models.

Where do you find the Belgian mark on a gun?

This mark is found on guns that is not made in Belgium by countries that use proofs that is not recognized by the Belgian Proof House. The mark is applied after the gun has passed the Belgian proof. Double proof as prescribed by the French law of 1810. Black powder proof for rifles and shotguns. Can be without star and ring.

What kind of shotgun was made in Belgium?

Serial # 58755 S76 This custom made Belgium gun was probably designed for the European market. The condition SHOTGUN – Belgium made 12 gauge Browning SHOTGUN – Belgium made 12 gauge Browning shotgun s/n 157027 two-part checked walnut stock. 29” barrel 49” long overall good condition reblued frame.

What was the maximum service load for a Belgian shotgun?

Valid Type of Proof 1897-1903 Maximum service load for shotguns having Mark identifying the Belgian Proof House 1924-> Applied to all guns made but not proofed 1924-> Applied to all gun not made in Belgium b