What was the original name of the Marlin Glenfield 60?

What was the original name of the Marlin Glenfield 60?

The model 60 designation had also been used before by Marlin, on a single shot, break open shot gun. The model 60s full name was Marlin – Glenfield model 60. The Glenfield name was originally two words Glen & Field (glen is an old English term for valley).

What was the front sight on the Glenfield Model 60?

Another area which has been revised is the front sight and front magazine-tube hanger. The original version had die-cast loops held in place with a small set screw. The top loop contained an integral front sight. The bottom loop supported and pinned the front of the magazine tube in place. Recoil, however slight, loosened the loops.

Can you replace the feed throat on a Marlin 60?

If your older Marlin model 60 or Glenfield has feeding issues, the only feed throat replacement is a newer version that needs modification. This video shows how to do it and saves you from buying a newer breech bolt. Loading…

How big is the magazine on a Marlin Glenfield rifle?

Originally the rifle had a 22 inch barrel and a full length magazine with 18 round capacity. In the late 1980’s the leftists in New Jersey passed a capacity limitation of 15 rounds and rather than risk losing business to one state, Marlin shrunk the magazine capacity to 15.

When did Marlin change the breech block on the Glenfield?

In 1980 Marlin changed the bottom contour of the breech bolt and was forced to modify the feed throat to fit. The original breech blocks and feed throats were angled, and are found on rifles made up to 1980. At the time the breech block configuration was changed, the hammer assembly was also redesigned.

What kind of rifle is a Marlin Model 20?

The Marlin made Glenfield Model 20 is another .22 rifle, but this time around a bolt action. It can fire .22 short, long and long rifle from its seven shot box magazine.

What kind of firing pin does Glenfield Model 20 use?

This Marlin manufactured front firing pin is for the Glenfield model 20 bolt action rimfire rifle an.. This Marlin manufactured rear firing pin is for the Glenfield model 20 bolt action rimfire rifle and.. This Marlin manufactured firing pin spring is for the Glenfield model 20 bolt action rimfire rifle a..

When was the last year a Marlin was made?

MARLINS MADE 1948 and LATER. Marlin Model 336 and Models 39-A and 39-M manufactured from 1948 to 1968: A one or two letter code was used to designate the year of manufacture. All Marlins (except lever action) manufactured from 1962-1968. A two letter code was used to designate month and year of manufacture.

When did Marlin change the barrel on the Marlin 60?

The Model 60 was also grooved for tip-off scope mounts and given a different wood stock. Early models were stamped “Marlin Model 60G” (“G” for Glenfield), which was replaced in the late 1960s with “Marlin Glenfield Model 60”, on the barrel.

When did the Marlin 60 Carbo come out?

History of the Marlin 60. Overall, the basic design of the Model 60 never changed much for 25 years until, in 1985; Marlin implemented a “last shot” hold open feature that holds the bolt halfway open after the last round is ejected. The Glenfield/ Marlin 60 did not come with a bolt release until 1985.

When was the Micro Groove added to the Marlin 60?

Kudos, Marlin. Marlin decided to use the Micro-Groove design in the Model 60’s barrel, which was first implemented in 1953 and increased the rifle’s accuracy greatly.

What’s the value of a Glenfield Model 60 rifle?

Guns values vary widely depending on the condition of a given weapon. A Glenfield 60, in good condition might go for ~$150. If it’s beat up, take away up to half.

What’s the last shot on a Model 60?

Since 1985, the Model 60 has also included a patented automatic “last-shot” bolt hold-open. This latter feature is a safety feature that locks the bolt half-way open after the last cartridge is fired, thereby allowing the safe inspection of the now-open action. This also notifies the user when the gun is empty.

When did the Marlin Model 60 come out?

The Model 99 was offered from 1959 through 1961, and a lower priced version, Model 99G, was offered under Marlin’s Glenfield line. The Marlin Model 60 was developed in 1960 from the Model 99 design. The primary difference was that the stock was made of birch instead of walnut to reduce the recurring production costs for the more expensive wood.