What year is my Browning Sweet 16?

What year is my Browning Sweet 16?

Identify the year your Sweet 16 was manufactured if made from 1976 through 1992 (when production of the Sweet 16 ended). The serial number will begin with 01001, followed by two letters, and end in 221. If your gun does not end in 221, it is not a Sweet 16 shotgun.

Where are Browning Sweet 16 made?

Then the spring in the stock forces the bolt forward to chamber the new shell and close the bolt. The A5 is 100-percent Browning. It was designed by Browning. Parts are made by Browning’s parent FN Herstal, in Belgium, and assembled in the Browning plant in Portugal.

When did Browning stop making guns in Belgium?

Most Browning guns were made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale (FN) until the mid 1970s when some production was shifted to Miroku in Japan. Today’s Browning firearms are made in either Belgium, Portugal, Japan or in the United States.

Does Browning make a 16-gauge shotgun?

Browning is currently the only major gunmaker to offer a new 16-gauge, but its new Sweet 16 has only the traditional 2 3/4-inch chamber. Browning has its own brand of shotgun ammo, but it does not actually make its own ammo. There is, however, a new 16-gauge is available with a 3-inch chamber.

What makes a browning a Sweet 16?

Sweet 16s had holes drilled in the barrel rings and hammers, as well as metal removed from inside the receiver and a thinner rib to save weight. Many also had hollowed-out stocks. They were advertised as about ¾ of a pound lighter than the standard weight 16s.

Why are 16 gauge shotguns not popular?

Not so many years ago, one of the other major sporting publications declared the death of the 16 gauge, citing the lack of available choices in both new guns and affordable ammunition as the twin executioners of the sub-gauge shotgun.

Is a 16 gauge shotgun good for home defense?

It may not be the ideal gun for social situations, but it is certainly serviceable as a back up or alternative for home defense. Get some upland loads for hunting, and some buckshot or heavy waterfowl loads for HD.

How much is a Browning A5 Sweet 16?

16 gauge autoloading shotgun with humpback receiver. Gloss walnut stock, fiber-optic sight, Ergo Balanced, recoil-operated Kinematic Drive and Invector-DS interchangeable choke tubes….Read more by going to the A5 article here.

Item Number 0118005005 UPC 023614439578
Choke Wrench Included T-Wrench MSRP $1,789.99

What’s the serial number on a Browning Sweet Sixteen?

This is the “unmarked” Browning, era of the Sweet Sixteen. These are among the rarest of the A5 Sweet Sixteen but are priced as standard 16 gauge A5s in value guides. This is the first year of standard production of the 2 ¾ inch chambered 16 gauge. It is also the last year of the non-engraved sweet sixteen.

What is the serial number on a Browning Superlight 16?

The serial number coding system changed to the serial number preceding the date code. Serial began with 1000 – 99999 followed by the model code 221 Sweet Sixteen and 171 Superlight 16 and two letter year ( T=6, R=7, P=8). see Browning Website Available in type 1, 2 and 3.

When did the Browning A5 16 gauge gun come out?

Glen Jensen, Browning Historian took the position with me that the true “Sweet Sixteen” was born when the receiver was engraved “Sweet Sixteen” in 1948. He acknowledged the lightweight A5 16 gauge guns produced between 1936 and 1947 are in fact Sweet Sixteen and identified as such in the factory issued catalogues.

When was the Belgian Browning Sweet Sixteen built?

Belgian Browning Sweet 16 built in 1954. This gun has a 28″ vent rib barrel choked full. The gun is in excellent all original condition. It retains 99% of the original blue and wood finish. The g …Click for more info