When did the Browning FN 1922 come out?

When did the Browning FN 1922 come out?

Adding the FN 1922 to their catalog, the pistol, offered in a 9+1 shot 7.65 Browning (that’s 32.ACP on this side of the pond) or a 8+1 shot 9mm Short (.380ACP), won additional contracts in Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Mexico, the Netherlands, Romania, and Turkey through the 1930s.

Where did the FN 1922 pistol come from?

An upgrade of John Browning’s FN Model 1910, the pistol that went on to become the Model 1922 was originally developed for a contract with the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes– the Balkan country whose name would be shortened to Yugoslavia after 1929.

What was the caliber of the FN Browning M1922?

Commercial Variation The FN Browning M1922 was a very popular pistol in many Armies and Police forces, till take over of Belgium through the Germans. Technical data: Caliber: 7.65 mm (P.626(b)) and 9 mm short (P.641(b)) Function: Blowback; hammer inside Barrel length: 103 mm Weight: 677 g Magazine capacity:

When did the first Browning pistol go into production?

The 1899 was the first of the Browning pistols to go into production at FN in January 1899. The 1900 followed in mid 1900 after the Belgian military requested changes to the original Browning design.

Where was the Browning 1922.32 ACP pistol made?

Many countries adopted the 1922 for their militaries, including Yugoslavia, Greece, Holland, France, Denmark, and Finland, amongst others. This specimen is one of those that was manufactured during the occupation for Nazi Germany. It was made for service in the German Army, Luftwaffe and police.

Where are the acceptance marks on a Browning Model 1922?

Standard FN markings on the left side of the slide. Nazi eagle/WaA140 proofs appear on the left side of the frame and twice on the left side of the slide. Eagle/swaz military acceptance marks are located on the left side of the slide and frame and on the barrel chamber. Some scattered surface spotting on the metal.

Where was the Browning made during World War 2?

WWII Nazi German Browning FN 1922.32 ACP Pistol WWII Sidearm Made in Occupied Belgium Here we present a Browning FN Model 1922 Pistol, made in Nazi Occupied Belgium, circa 1941, during World War II. Germany invaded Belgium on May 10, 1940 and consequently had their weapons manufacturing capabilities appropriated for the Third Reich.

Why was the FN Model 1922 so popular?

Ironically, the Model 1922 proved so popular that even after the war, the German railway police and the Berlin police signed contracts with FN to buy new guns– this time made without the funny eagle markings. This came even as the factory moved away from such legacy designs and into the more contemporary Hi-Power. But that is another story.

What kind of barrel does a 1987 Browning have?

This 1987 Browning is equipped with a 4.75” barrel, ramped front, adj rear sights, wood grip, and a blued finish. This package comes with 2 magazines and a soft case. The overall condition is gr …Click for more info