When did the Long Tom shotgun come out?

When did the Long Tom shotgun come out?

Long Tom. “Trade Brand Name” shotgun made by one of two makers. J. Stevens Arms Company (used on their Models 90 and 95) or Meridian Fire Arms Co. Made for and sold by Sears Roebuck & Co. If made by Stevens, made after 1915. If made by Meridian made sometime between 1905 and 1915.

Is the H & are Long Tom shotgun in good condition?

This unique shotgun has some finish wear about it but it is mechanically in good condition. We would rate it about 80% -85% on bluing wear but it will still reach out and touch em! If you go to turkey shoots, this would be a winner.

What kind of shotgun is Harrington and Richardson?

Description: Harrington & Richardson (H&R), single barrel shotgun, Model 158, 36 inch barrel, full choke, 3 inch chamber. This is the so-called “Long Tom” turkey shoot gun that is NO LONGER produced and very hard to find.

What’s the manufacturer of a 16 gauge Long Tom?

I have a 16 gauge long tom shotgun number 211684 that has no manufacturer listed on the gun. I need a “open lever” for it and a butt plate. The open lever broke and it was brass welded to put it back into operation, but will not hold for long.

After 1915, and up into sometime in the 30s, they were made by the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company. Your Long Tom was probably made for smokeless powder, HOWEVER- the length of shotshells was not always 2 and 3 quarters- and 100 years IS getting old.

Is it safe to shoot a Long Tom shotgun?

Please understand that just because an unfired shell will FIT, does not mean it is safe to shoot. Modern shells have a crimp that must have room to unfold- where the ALL brass shells did not. Unless the zombies have chewed their way thru the front door, and all your other guns are inoperative, i would leave the Long Tom hanging in a place of honor.