When was my Remington 11 87 made?

When was my Remington 11 87 made?

The Remington Model 11-87 is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms and based on the earlier Model 1100. The Model 11-87 remains in contemporary production, 34 years after being introduced in 1987.

When was my gun made Remington?

Remington made use of a two or three letter Firearms Identification Code that can be located on the left side of the barrel, just ahead of the frame. The first letter of the code identifes the month, the other letter(s) identify the year.

How old is my Remington typewriter?

You can date a Remington down to the month of manufacture, in many cases, by consulting the detailed serial number records available on The Typewriter Database. The first numeral is the last numeral of the year in which the typewriter was made (for example, “3” means 1923).

When did the Remington 11-87 series Shotgun come out?

MODEL 11-87 SERIES Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest A 3″ 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, with 26″ to 32″ ventilated rib barrels having screw-in choke tubes. Blued, with checkered walnut stock. Weight about 7.75 lbs. Introduced in 1987.

What was the serial number for the Model 11?

Model 11 20-gauge serial numbers began at 1,000,000. In 1931, they added the 16-gauge to the line with 16-gauge serial numbers starting at 1,500,000. In 1930, they also introduced a three-shot version in 20-gauge called “The Sportsman.” The 20-gauge “The Sportsman” had serial numbers beginning low S1? Maybe S1000?

What kind of gun is the NWTF model 11-87?

Model 11-87 SPS-T Camo, NWTF (1998) – This was a special-edition gun saluting the 25th Anniversary of the National Wild Turkey Federation. It was covered with Mossy Oak Break-Up camo and had a twenty-one-inch, vent-rib, Rem Choke barrel fitted with TRUGLOW fiber optic sights.

How big is the barrel on a Remington 11-87?

Recently, a Super Magnum version has been introduced to operate with the newer 3 ½” 12 gauge shells. Some 11-87s have interchangeable screw-in chokes, although barrels are available with fixed chokes. Most barrels are not interchangeable between 1100 and 11-87 models. Barrel lengths range from the police 14 in (360 mm) to 30 in (760 mm).