When was the Spencer rifle made?

When was the Spencer rifle made?

Spencer carbine, any of a family of rim-fire repeating arms—both carbines and rifles—that were widely used in the American Civil War. The carbine was invented by Christopher M. Spencer of Connecticut and was patented in 1860.

Who used the Spencer repeating rifle?

As the war progressed, Spencers were carried by a number of Union cavalry and mounted infantry regiments and provided the Union army with a firepower advantage over their Confederate opponents. At the Battle of Nashville, 9,000 mounted infantrymen armed with the Spencer, under the command of Maj. Gen. James H.

What kind of ammo does a 1865 Spencer carbine use?

Below is a great link to the Spencer Shooters Association that is very help for folks that shoot their Spencer. The rifle i have a model 1865 shoots the 56-50 cartidges well. it slugs out at .512 dia. its the carbine with a bore of .526 that i was looking to find lead for. i don’t see a model number on it. serial number is 51151.

What kind of rifle is a Spencer 50 cal?

RARE SPENCER .50 CAL. HEAVY BARREL SPORTING REPEATING RIFLE MARKED A.J. PLATE SAN FRANCISCO CAL. CA. 1870’S. 47” overall with 30” very heavy weight octagon barrel stamped “A. J …Click for more info “Relic Spencer Model 1865 Saddle Ring Carbine. .52 caliber with a 22” barrel.

What was the size of a Spencer carbine?

Dimensions: 6″ H x 37″ W x 2.5″ D Spencer breech-loading carbine, .52 caliber forged steel barrel, wood stock. The Spencer carbine was one of the most popular firearms of the Civil War.

What kind of rifle is a Spencer M1860?

Spencer M1860 Civil War Carbine, Cal. 56-56 Spencer. Circa 1863, 22″ barrel, good bore. Barrel serial number matches frame. Wood is solid with no cracks. 90% patina on metal and 85% conditi …Click for more info “Spencer Sporting Rifle Conversion by Gemmer Very neat Spencer Sporting rifle with double keyed forearm.