Where are Benelli Nova shotguns made?

Where are Benelli Nova shotguns made?


Benelli Nova
Place of origin Italy
Production history
Manufacturer Benelli
Unit cost USD $350–455

Is Benelli Nova or supernova better?

If one is looking for a versatile and more powerful gun, then the Supernova is the best for them. It’s easily customizable and has great features. The Nova is also a good hunting gun that you can use with a variety of target loads. You can choose a gun that has the specific features you’re looking for.

How many shells can you have in your shotgun?

A pump shotgun can hold three shotgun shells, but there is usually a removable plug that allows it to hold five or more. The plug is a device that limits how much ammo you can load in the magazine tube.

How did Benelli come up with the Nova shotgun?

Up until that time it was thought pump-action shotgun technology had reached its peak. Not so. By incorporating steel skeletal framework overmolded with rugged, state-of-the-art polymer, Benelli’s Nova line demonstrated lighter weight could be achieved without sacrificing durability.

Where can I buy a Benelli duck shotgun?

From jumping ducks on stock ponds to pass shooting next to farm fields or calling over decoys, Benelli has a shotgun suited to your style of duck and goose hunting. Please check out our selection and visit your local Benelli dealer today. Showing 3 result s.

Are there any Benelli shotguns with choke tubes?

Nova’s legacy of toughness was further enhanced by using stocks and receivers formed as a single unit. Today, shotguns bearing the Benelli Nova name are renowned for unsurpassed reliability, strength and weather resistance. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Choke tubes IC, M, F, and wrench.

What’s the price of a Benelli pump action shotgun?

Item Number Stock Finish Receiver Finish Barrel Finish MSRP 20000 Black Synthetic Matte, Blued Matte, Blued $449 20003 Black Synthetic Matte, Blued Matte, Blued $449 20006 Black Synthetic Matte, Blued Matte, Blued $449 20071 Realtree Max-5® Realtree Max-5® Realtree Max-5® $559