Where did the tower flintlock musket come from?

Where did the tower flintlock musket come from?

Its a “Massachusetts Militia Musket” made from condemned armory or contractor parts, a barrel that was almost certainly made by Asa Waters in Millbury and an imported lock… many of which had “Tower” on them.

What kind of flintlock was used at West Point?

ORIGINAL SPRINGFIELD U.S. MODEL 1830 FLINTLOCK WEST POINT CADET MUSKET. “1808 unknown maker contract flintlock musket. Metal is a brown patina. Lock has eagle facing hammer over “US”. Stock shows usage and handling marks, no cracks are noted. These unknown maker …Click for more info “India Pattern Type I 1793 Brown Bess.

When was the first flintlock blunderbuss made?

1800 Dated Antique BRITISH FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS EAST INDIA COMPANY Marked Wilson Lock! 1800 Dated Antique BRITISH FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS EAST INDIA COMPANY Marked Wilson Lock! Here we present an 1800 Dated Antique East India Company Marked Blunderbuss, made circa 1800.

What kind of bayonet does a Bess flintlock have?

1777 TOWER BROWN BESS FLINTLOCK SOLIDERS REGIMENT & INITIALS PLUG BAYONET. Super rare Brown Bess flintlock with plug bayonet. The Tower and crown GR are stamped on the side plate. Also the initials and Regiment are carved into the stock. Very rare plug bayonet goes with Musk …Click for more info

What does the word tower mean on a musket?

The word TOWER was stamped (not engraved) behind the cock. The hammer was very narrow and looked like a Khyber Pass Special, but rest of the gun looked too good to be ex-Afghanistan. I’m thinking that this is some kind of repro lock altered to replace a lost or parted out original lock. I’m curious what y’all think.

Where are the proof marks on an Enfield musket?

In front of the circular mark is a large 1 and infront of that G S under a broad arrow”. At the rear of the barrell where it hits against the stock there are some proof marks, closest to the stock “a crown over 7, then crossed swords with a small crown at the top and a smaller crown under with a C under”.

Which is the only Enfield musket with a sling swivel?

The only one that has a sling swivel on the front barrel band is the British Pattern 1853 Rile-Musket. It is also the only one that the hole in the front of the trigger guard is in the right place. The 1857 Enfield is the date that it was made and Enfield Pattern Rifle is of course manufacturer. Overall length is 55″.