Who makes 6mm PPC rifles?

Who makes 6mm PPC rifles?

The 6mm PPC has been touted as the most accurate factory round at 300 yards. Despite the excellent performance of these guns, Sako last made rifles in 6mm PPC in 1996.

How good are Sako rifles?

Sako has produced many excellent rifles over the years. There are few hunters around the world who will not be familiar with the brand, and the response is usually the same: ‘Sako makes some great rifles. ‘ reat nick, but shot well enough, and as far as the rifle design was concerned, I was most certainly a fan.

Are Sako rifles made in Finland?

SAKO, Limited (Finnish: Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Oy, lit “Civil Guard Gun and Machining Works Ltd”) is a Finnish firearm and ammunition manufacturer located in Riihimäki, Tavastia Proper in southern Finland. …

What calibers do Sako rifles come in?


  • 5+1 magazine: 22-250 Rem / 14” | 243 Win / 10” | 260 Rem / 8” | 7mm-08 Rem / 9.5” |
  • 4+1 magazine: 270 Win Short Mag / 10” | 300 Win Short Mag / 11” | 7mm Rem Mag / 9.5” |

    What is the 6mm Creedmoor good for?

    243 Winchester inside 500 yards, but the 6mm Creedmoor is much better suited for longer range shots since it can use those more aerodynamic bullets. All things considered though, the three cartridges are very accurate, flat shooting, and hit hard enough for use on a wide variety of game at practical hunting ranges.

    What is a 6mm PPC cartridge?

    The 6mm PPC (Palmisano & Pindel Cartridge), or 6 PPC as it is more often called, is a centerfire rifle cartridge used almost exclusively for benchrest shooting. This cartridge’s accuracy is produced by a combination of its stout posture, being only 31 mm (1.22 in) long, and aggressive shoulder angle of 30 degrees.

    Are SAKO rifles worth the money?

    If you want a really well made rifle with good fit and finish and don’t mind spending the money, then I’d say yes-buy the Sako. I own three Sako rifles and their fit and finish is better than most other American made rifles.

    Is SAKO better than Tikka?

    Both guns use the same barrels and are made in the same factory. Think you are paying extra on the sako for the finishings like the magazine is made better (steel)instead of plastic on tikka. The trigger is crisper on the sako. The stock on sako is made that bit better!

    Are Sako rifles worth the money?

    Is Sako better than Tikka?

    Is 6mm a good caliber?

    While the 6mm-caliber cartridges that can be considered “great” are few in number, some have long and storied histories. Many 6mm-caliber cartridges are used for various shooting purposes because they provide excellent accuracy and light recoil. Some of the greats are (from left) 6mm BR Norma, 24 Nosler, .

    What can you hunt with a 6mm?

    Basically, hunters can take any game with the 6mm Creedmoor that they could with the . 243 Winchester like deer, pronghorn, and even elk in some cases.

    Where can I buy a Sako bolt action rifle?

    For over eighty years, Sako Rifles of Finland has impressed the world with the quality of their bolt-action rifles. Sako Rifles are imported solely by Beretta into the United States, sharing Beretta’s passion for quality and their commitment to offering the best that technology can offer, without out compromise.

    What’s the value of a Sako gun before 1972?

    NOTE: Arms produced by this company prior to 1972 are worth approximately 25 percent more than arms of the same type produced thereafter. Prices for fair and poor condition reflect worth of the action.

    What makes the Sako 85 rifle so good?

    The ergonomics of Sako 85’s walnut and synthetic stocks are built for an optimal shooting posture. The excellent balance and smooth bolt operation of Sako 85 rifles enable fast, straight and accurate operation.

    How many printable targets are in Sako gun catalog?

    Know what your Sako firearms are worth with this up-to-date 8 -page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. 62 Printable MOA Targets with DOT Drills – Rifle Range in YARDS This impressive target pack from our friends at Storm Tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use.