Can you put a scope on a Winchester?

Can you put a scope on a Winchester?

Scopes don’t belong on old Winchesters. You can get all the utility you can use with a receiver sight. If you absolutely ‘must’ scope one, buy a newer Marlin or Winchester that’s already D for it.

Are see through scope mounts any good?

See thru scope mounts are good if you plan to shoot the animal within 50 yards, but after that the scope is off. It’s because the scope is so high off the barrel that it can’t intersept your line of sight in the same point every time. They are real handy to have during deer drives though.

Do you need a gunsmith to mount my scope?

Many hunters pay gunsmiths to mount their scopes, but anyone can do it. Rosin, electrician’s tape, an adjustable torque screwdriver and a scope level are beneficial but optional. Start clean by degreasing bases, rings, screws and screw holes in the receiver with an evaporating cleaner like Gun Scrubber.

Can you put a scope on a Winchester 30 30 rifle?

30-30 on rifles like the Winchester 94 or similar, where the top eject requires specialized side scope mounts. It also works well for anyone who desires a unique, easy handling rifle. Either way, the Burris Scout scope is an excellent choice for your favorite lever rifle.

What kind of scope mounts do Winchesters use?

Fits Winchester Talley style steel scope rings. Designed specifically for Model 70s. Precision quality for top accuracy. Entire base/ring is one integrated piece that mounts directly to the reciever. Model for most receiver variation. Machined weaver style rail for use as a base on your SXP or SX2. Very versatile for ring positioning.

What kind of mounts are available for Winchester pump shotguns?

Integrated mounts are available in both 1″ and 30mm ring diameters, in low, medium or high ring heights and in your choice of a matte black or gloss black finish to match your scope and firearm. Weaver®-style alloy bases. This very popular type of base is available for Super X® Pump, Super X®3 and Super X®2 shotguns.

What kind of rail does a Winchester SXP use?

Machined weaver style rail for use as a base on your SXP or SX2. Very versatile for ring positioning. Solid precision for accuracy. Made to fit Winchester steel integrated scope bases. High precision.