How many police in a Colt Detective Special?

How many police in a Colt Detective Special?

Detective Special Length 6 3⁄4 in Barrel length 2 in 3 in Cartridge .32 New Police .38 New Police .38 Specia Action Double-action

What was original price of Colt Detective 38?

Sold on their own, the grips might bring $150-$300, but technically I might have paid the same price for this gun without them. So I split the difference. We know the original price of this gun in 1965 to be $110 because the price sticker is still on the original box.

When did the Colt Detective Special 2 come out?

In 1995, Colt released the SF-VI/DS-II (Small Frame, 6 round/Detective Special 2) is a Detective Special with a stainless steel frame and simplified for easier manufacturing. In 1999, Colt released a .357 Magnum version of the SF-VI/DS-II called the Colt Magnum Carry.

Why did Fitzgerald make the Colt Detective Special?

The halved trigger guard facilitates quick trigger acquisition, even for shooters with large fingers or gloves. Although historians disagree, it’s believed that somewhere between 40 and 200 Fitz Specials left the Colt factory, made from various Colt revolvers, by Fitzgerald himself.

When did the third series of Colt Detective Special come out?

The Third Series ran from 1973 to 1986. A new shroud extended down from the barrel, enclosing and protecting the ejector rod, and the front sight was changed to a full ramp. New, oversize wood gripstocks were introduced that covered the front frame strap.

When was the third issue Colt revolver discontinued?

The Third Issue revolvers are often quite desirable among collectors because they were the first Issue rated for .38 Special +P ammunition. The Third Issue and Detective Special as a model was discontinued in 1986.

Where is the serial number on a Colt 38?

The right side of the barrel is inscribed: Colts P.T.F.A. MFG CO Hartford Conn USA. The … read more I have a Colt 38 revolver that is labeled like this-Colt’s PT. F. A. MFG. Co. then on the next line it says Hartford, CT USA. The next line says PAT Aug … read more I have an old NewService 44/40 Colt revolver I would like an appraisal on.

What kind of gun is a Detective Special?

Detective Special: This is Colt’s classic snubbie. It’s basically a round-butted Police Positive Special chambered in .32 Colt or .38 Special with a 2-inch barrel. The first issue was manufactured from 1926 to 1972 and is quite collectible. The second, made in 1993, featured a barrel shroud and neoprene grips.

When did the Colt Commando special come out?

During World War II production was discontinued, and the type was not revived following the war’s end. The Colt Commando Special was a version of the Detective Special with a matte finish and rubber grips; produced from 1984 to 1986, it was chambered in .38 Special and weighed 21.5 oz.