How much is a M1 carbine from World War II worth?

How much is a M1 carbine from World War II worth?

Value of a US M1 Carbine If your gun is still in its original World War 2 configuration, it could be worth as much as $2000, depending on its condition. If it has been rebuilt, $600 to $800 would be average for an M1 carbine in very good to excellent condition.

What is an M1 carbine worth today?

M1 CARBINE rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A M1 CARBINE rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,017.45 new and $913.91 used .

What is the best ammo for M1 carbine?

“While surplus . 30 Carbine ammunition is running low, factory rounds are readily available from various manufacturers. We have tested and ran a lot of ammo through our rifles, Aguila shoots flawlessly, making it the choice ammo for the M1 Carbine.”

What was the M1 carbine used for in World War 2?

The M1 Carbine was carried by many American soldiers and marines during WWII. Although other WWI guns like the M1 Garand, the Thompson submachine gun, and the 1911 pistol tend to enjoy more notoriety, the M1 Carbine was also significant in its respective roles.

What’s the difference between early and late production M1 carbines?

The late production M1 carbines had a shaped “pot belly” stock. There are two basic differences in the M1 carbine handguard. The early handguard had two rivets while later variations had four. The later four rivet handguard was introduced early 1945 by most manufacturers. The bolt on all early to mid production M1 carbines have a flat top.

When was the Round Top bolt added to the M1 carbine?

In order to save time in production, later M1 carbines, from mid 1944 onward, utilised a round top bolt, which meant less machining. It should be noted, that all WWII production M1 carbine bolts were blued and not parkarized. The safety on early M1 carbines, used a push button method.

How much is an old M1 carbine worth?

If you happen to see an old M1 .30 Carbine for sale at your local gun store or gun show it is one rifle worth adding to your collection (make sure it’s in good shape, of course). Recently I have seen some sell anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the condition.