How much is a M1917 Enfield worth?

How much is a M1917 Enfield worth?

AN ENFIELD P1917 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,062.36 used . The 12 month average price is $1,062.36 used.

How many M1917 rifles were made?

M1917 Enfield

US Rifle, Model of 1917, Caliber 30
No. built 2,193,429 total
Variants Remington Model 30
Mass 9.187 lb (4.167 kg) (empty)

What caliber is the M1917 Enfield?

cal .30
History of the M1917 Enfield. The M1917 Enfield, “P17 Enfield”, “American Enfield”, formally named “United States Rifle, cal . 30, Model of 1917” was an American modification and production of the British . 303 caliber P14 rifle developed and manufactured during the period 1917-1918.

When was my Lee-Enfield made?

Lee-Enfield rifle, rifle adopted by the British army as its basic infantry weapon in 1902. The short, magazine-loaded Lee-Enfield (Mark I, or SMLE) superseded the longer Lee-Enfield that was first produced in 1895.

Is the Lee-Enfield still used?

The Lee-Enfield rifle is one of the most widely used bolt-action military rifles in the world, surpassed only by the Model 1898 Mauser and its derivatives in sheer numbers. Entering service at the dawn of the 20th century, it is still seeing active use well into the present century.

What replaced the Lee-Enfield?

Pattern 1913 Enfield
The Pattern 1913 Enfield (P13) was an experimental rifle developed by the British Army ordnance department to serve as a replacement for the Short Magazine Lee–Enfield (SMLE). Although a completely different design from the Lee–Enfield, the Pattern 1913 rifle was designed by the Enfield engineers.

Is the Lee-Enfield banned in Canada?

Now, after 114 years, the Canadian Armed Forces is becoming the last national military in the world to retire the Lee-Enfield rifle from front-line service.