Is Ruger P85 a good gun?

Is Ruger P85 a good gun?

The P85 quickly earned an enviable reputation of being able to digest any 9 mm load—from NATO M882 FMJ cartridges to hollow points—without a hiccup. Plus, it was as rugged as an M1 Abrams tank. There are many substantiated reports of guns being dropped, kicked and even run over, yet still coming up shooting.

When was the Ruger P85 made?

This safety modification is applicable to all original Ruger® P85™ pistols, manufactured between 1987 and 1990.

Can you conceal carry a Ruger Security 9?

Its size and capacity make it a good choice for concealed carry, but it has other features that may appeal to some people. Being hammer fired, the slide is a bit easier to rack than that of a striker-fired gun. So people who have trouble with stiff recoil springs will better enjoy the Security-9.

Can a Ruger P85 shoot +P ammo?

Yes, Ruger’s P89 will handle +P with ease and the “+P+” ammo as well. Location: U.S.A.

How many magazines are in a Ruger P85?

Description: Ruger P85 pistol in 9mm complete with 2 magazines, factory box and mag loader. This pistol is mechanically in good condition but shows heavy finish wear. A good deal at the price quoted and as noted, 2 high capacity 15 round magazines are included.

Where can I buy a Ruger 9mm pistol?

Im looking for a low priced 9mm pistol for range use. Now that 9mm ammo is so much cheaper than .45 apc, I want a pistol I can put hundreds of rounds through at the range. I found a used (naturally) Ruger P85 in a local pawn shop. All I read online gives conflicting info over this pistol.

How much does a Ruger P85 decocker cost?

I found a used (naturally) Ruger P85 in a local pawn shop. All I read online gives conflicting info over this pistol. The ordinal MSRP was less than $300, but it is no longer in production. So are they good and ran rare like Norinco 1911s (since the import ban), or suck and have even less value. up a P95 decocker model for $250.

When did I buy my first Ruger pistol?

The good old Ruger P85 that was the first pistol I purchased when I turn 21 in 93, I couldn’t wait until I turn 21 It was the only thing on my mind I don’t think I even step foot into a bar until a year or more later.