Is there a Samoan king?

Is there a Samoan king?

He was the world’s third longest-serving sovereign after Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who has reigned since 1946, and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended to the throne in 1952. Malietoa’s successor will be elected by the Legislature to a five-year term as stipulated in Samoa’s constitution.

Is Samoa a monarchy?

Samoa has a parliamentary government that blends Samoan and New Zealander traditions. The constitution originally provided for a constitutional monarchy under two coheads of state, with the provision that when one died (as happened in 1963), the other would continue as sole monarch and head of state for life.

What are the four Paramount titles in Samoa?

At the apex of this system are the four major title holders – Tupua Tamasese, Malietoa, Mata’afa, Tuimaleali’ifano – known as the Tama-a-Aiga (‘sons of the families’) that afford them leadership over the royal families of Samoa.

Who colonized Samoa first?


Independent State of Samoa Malo Saʻoloto Tutoʻatasi o Sāmoa (Samoan)
• Colonisation by Germany 1 March 1900
• Occupied by New Zealand 30 August 1914
• League mandate 17 December 1920
• UN trusteeship 13 December 1946

Who are the Samoan gods?

There were two types of deities, atua, who had non-human origins, and aitu, who were of human origin. Tagaloa was a supreme god who made the islands and the people. Mafui’e was the god of earthquakes. There were also a number of war deities.

What is a matai title?

Samoa. Nobility. The word matai means chief, and is an honour that is bestowed upon someone. The role of the matais is very complex and interwoven deep into the fabric of Samoan culture and history.

What are the two types of matai?

There are two categories of matai: The Aliʻi who are the high chiefs of the county, village, and family. The Tulafale who are talking chiefs for the county, village, and/or his family.

Which is the most famous royal family in Samoa?

Perhaps the most well-known of the three modern branches, the Sā Moli has been highlighted as one of Samoa’s four royal families for over a century. The families of the Sa Moli trace their genealogies to Malietoa Moli.

Who was the king of Samoa in 1940?

Often referred to as the King of Samoa, he always preferred the traditional tribal title of Malietoa. Tanumafili II led his nation for one of the longest periods of any head of state in history. He officially inherited the royal title of Malietoa from his father in 1940, ruling until his death in 2007,…

What was Malietoa Laauli’s son’s name in Samoa?

Malietoa Laauli had a son named Tavita Laupepa. that opened the courts of Samoa in the time of the Kaiser of Germany. Tavita Laupepa and Tuilaepa as a result. of the courthouse of Samoa. Malietoa Tavita Laupepa was the son of Malietoa Laauli.

What kind of title does a Samoan have?

When this occured it would be necessary for them to look to the other islands as a source for a suitable spouse. The Samoan system of titles of nobility is very complicated, but ocasionally one chief, through alliances and ward, can acquire the title of Tupu-o-Samoa, or king of all the islands.