What ammo can you shoot in a 44 Special?

What ammo can you shoot in a 44 Special?

The 44 Special can be used in the 44 Magnum cylinder with no problems. The standard 44 Special loading pushes a 246 gr lead bullet at around 750 fps. The standard 44 Magnum load pushes a 240 gr bullet at around 1200 fps or so.

What is a Colt Anaconda 44 worth?

COLT ANACONDA pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A COLT ANACONDA pistol is currently worth an average price of $2,101.57 new and $2,025.65 used . The demand of new COLT ANACONDA pistol’s has risen 77 units over the past 12 months.

What else can you shoot in a 44 Magnum?

revolvers, any revolver chambered for . 44 Magnum can and will shoot . 44 Spl. ammunition very well, making for a great choice for a lighter practice round, and for hunting smaller animals.

Did Colt make a 44?

44 Remington. The . 44 Colt is an American centerfire revolver cartridge that was produced commercially from 1871 to 1940.

Why is 44 Special?

Introduced in 1907 even before WWI, the . 44 Special was originally a black powder load developed to replace the even older . 44 Special loaded in the famous Colt SAA or Single Action Army. However, Colt and Smith and Wesson both made several handguns in this chambering.

Is there a colt anaconda.44 Magnum Special?

The .44 Magnum/Special version is the most common, but there are plenty of Anacondas chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge as well. Unlike the Python, the internal mechanisms of the Anaconda did not get a lot of custom fitting before shipping. As a result, while the trigger is very good, it is not on a par with the Python.

What kind of ammunition does A.44 Colt use?

Jamison Brass & Ammunition loads .44 Colts (using Starline cases) with a 200 grain round nose flat point lead bullet which is also very accurate. As part of Jamison’s “Legacy Grade Ammunition” the .44 Colts join other rifle and revolver cartridges such as the .44/40 and a fairly long list of others.

Is the Colt Anaconda too big for concealed carry?

Anaconda revolvers were primarily marketed for sport enthusiast shooters and hunters, as they are too large for law enforcement general duty use or concealed-carry, although made-to-order limited production versions of the gun continued to be available from the Colt custom gun shop until approximately 2003.

When did the Colt Anaconda revolver come out?

The Colt Anaconda. The Anaconda was only manufactured as a production gun from 1990 through 1999 and then as a limited Colt Custom Shop offering for a few years afterward, which is a shame because the Anaconda was actually a hell of a revolver.