What BB size should I use?

What BB size should I use?

In general, we recommend to start on at least 0.25g BBs with any out of the box AEG and pᎥstol, this might come as a surprise, however they usually cost the same as 0.20g BBs and provide slightly better shot consistency and grouping.

What size airsoft bb should I get?

All standard airsoft BBs are 6mm in size. This is because most airsoft guns like pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and squad support airsoft guns have magazines which accept 6mm airsoft BBs and also have 6mm airsoft gun barrels. If you are unsure what size BB your airsoft gun shoots, look for 6mm airsoft BBs.

Does a 300 FPS BB gun hurt?

If you get shot with a 300 fps airsoft gun, you’ll only feel a bit of pain. When an opponent’s airsoft BB hits you from a long distance, you’ll be hurt less. It often feels like a tap, especially when you wear eye protection or face protection.

Do heavier BBs fly farther?

At any given FPS a heavy BB has more energy and will fly further. You have to keep in mind that switching from 0.20g BBs to 0.30g BB’s will reduce the FPS as well. A 1.14J 0.20g BB will fly leave at 350 fps and fly 169 feet. But a 1.14J 0.30g BB will fly leave at 265 fps and fly bewtween 130-145 feet.

Do heavier airsoft bbs hurt more?

heavier bb’s carry more momentum. on the same fps AEG, heavier bbs will penetrate further than lighter bbs. the impact damage was greater with .

What’s the FPS of an Airsoft BB?

A lot of airsoft players are very particular about the FPS of their BBs. Some players try to stay away from heavier BBs like .25, .28, and so on, because their FPS is lower with those types of BB weight. While it is true, the more important measure to look at is how much kinetic energy the BB has while it was leaving the airsoft gun’s barrel.

How big is the bottom bracket on a PF30?

Frame’s bottom bracket shell is threaded with M47 x 1 threads. Right hand threads on the non-drive. * Essentially a PF30 with 86.5mm wide shell. * Essentially a PF30 with 92mm wide shell.

What’s the difference between BB30 and bb30a 83?

Same as BB30. 6806 bearings are pressed directly into the frame. Asymetrical BB shell is +5mm wider on the non-drive side (BB30A). For the BB30A-83 frames, the BB shell is 5mm wider on the drive side and +10mm wider on the non-drive side.

How big is the barrel of an Airsoft BB?

Since high-quality 6mm airsoft BBs are 5.95mm +/- 0.1mm and perfectly round, an upgraded barrel means the BB has just the right fit inside the barrel with only about 0.07mm room to spare. This helps your airsoft BBs go farther faster! Airsoft BBs come in a few standard weights.