What is a 6 24×50 scope used for?

What is a 6 24×50 scope used for?

The CVLIFE 6×24-50mm Hunting Rifle Scope is overall a good scope for long-range hunting and shooting. It’s sturdy and solid. Adjustments are easy to do and you won’t have a problem getting a shot at your target once you have zeroed the scope on your rifle.

What is a 4×40 scope Good For?

For example, a 4×40 scope will pass more light to the exit lens and your eye’s pupil than a 4×32 scope will allow. If a deer or elk is in a heavily-shadowed area or light conditions are poor, the game will be easier to see through the optics with bigger objective lenses.

What does 3×32 mean on a scope?

#6 · Sep 28, 2011. the numbers mean how much magnification is takling place. 3X means three times the size and 4X means four times the size. The other number (after the X)is the size of the front lense in milimeters. Therefor a 4X32 scope is one that magnifies the image four times and the front lense is 32mm wide.

What is a scope used for?

A telescopic sight, commonly called a scope for short, is an optical sighting device based on a refracting telescope. It is equipped with some form of a referencing pattern – known as a reticle – mounted in a focally appropriate position in its optical system to provide an accurate point of aim.

What does 4 24×50 mean on a scope?

The 4 to 12 marking mean that the scope is a variable powered scope. Normally the magnification range is marked with 2 numbers separated by a dash, but in this case the dash was left off. So, the 4 to 12 means that the scope has a magnification range that starts at 4x and adjusts all the way up to 12x.

Is a 3 9×40 scope good?

The 3-9×40 scopes are ideal for close-range or medium-range, which is up to 200 yards. When you scope a target 200 yards away using the 9x magnification, it would seem like it is just around 22 to 25 yards away. If you zero your scope correctly, you can hit your targets every time.

What kind of scopes do Unertl rifles use?

They would produce target scopes from the 8 power to 24 powers, and I considered them a great line of target scopes. I had the pleasure of shooting a few Remington 40x target rifles and also a few Winchester 52 target rifles that were mounted with the Unertl target scopes.

What did Unertl optics DO for a living?

Unertl Optical was far from operating out of a barn. We made the money with the high end optics, not making scopes. The scopes were that labor of love because that’s how the company started. The scopes had the benefit of this financing.

How big is an Unertl 36x rifle scope?

This auction is for an original rare& hard to find Unertl Programmer 36X rifle scope. The Programmer was the most advanced target scope that Unertl ever produced and 36X was the most powerful scope that they ever offered. It measures just under 27 inches long. It has a 2 inch objective with a 1 inch tube.

When did the Marine Corps stop using Unertl scopes?

In 2002 the company was purchased by 21st Century Technology, Inc. (owned by Col. Rocky Greene) and the headquarters was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In the early 2000s the Marine Corps began phasing out Unertl Scopes in favor of other scopes like the Schmidt & Bender 3–12×50 Police Marksman II LP.