What is a national match 1911?

What is a national match 1911?

The “National Match” M1911 Pistols. These pistols differed from the standard grade because they incorporated a match barrel, checked trigger, checked mainspring housing, walnut stocks and the internal parts were hand-honed. Also included on later versions were a ramped front sight and an adjustable rear sight.

What is national match?

It means that that particular gun is legal for use at camp perry in stock configuration for its given class, also commonly refers to barrels that can hold enough accuracy to win said matches if the user can run it properly.

When was the first Colt National Match Made?

According to the serial number, your Colt National Match was made in the first part of 1964. The Colt Gold Cup National Math (pre-Series 70) – This model is chambered for the .45 ACP, features the flat mainspring housing of the 1911, and has a match-grade barrel and bushing. The parts were hand fitted, and the slide has an enlarged ejection port.

What’s the value of an old national match pistol?

An example of the government-built pistols is the “Drake Slide National Match” worth about $1200 in 100% condition. The old National Match Colts made between 1933 and 1941 bring $2700 to $3600 in 100% condition. The models with adjustable sights bring approximately $700 more.

When did the Colt Gold Cup pistols come out?

In 1957 Colt began to produce “Gold Cup National Match” pistols which they produced until 1970. In 100% condition, these pistols are worth about $1000. There was then a “Series 70 Gold Cup National Match, produced between 1970 and 1983.

Where can I find the value of a Colt M1911?

The M1911A1 model will have a much shorter trigger. Find the Value of your Colt M1911. WorthPoint is the largest resource online for identifying, researching and valuing antiques. Explore over 425 Million “sold for” prices with item details and images.