What kind of gun was the Winchester Model 1897?

What kind of gun was the Winchester Model 1897?

The Model 1897 was a great seller for Winchester: During its 60-year production span, 1,025,000 guns were sold. The Model 1897 adapter allowed the attachment of the M1917 bayonet. The Model 1897 could be ordered in several different configurations:

Why was the Model 97 Winchester shotgun illegal?

The Model 97 was apparently so effective at its job during the Great War that the Germans filed a diplomatic protest over the weapon, claiming the shotgun was illegal (per the Hague Convention, due to it causing unnecessary suffering. Really? Crocodile tears for the purveyors of poison gas and inventors of the modern flamethrower).

When did Winchester make the first trench gun?

Canfield says the Military contracted Winchester to start making trench guns in November of 1941. He also says that the Military had 21,000 trench guns in inventory from WWI. He further states the majority of these were Winchester 1897’s. The only Poyer books I have are the ones that Craig Riesch co authored on the Garand and the Carbines.

What kind of barrel does a 12 gauge shotgun have?

Marked “TRAP” on the bottom of the frame. 12- or 16-gauge with a 28-inch barrel on both gauges; straight-/pistol-grip stock, hand-engraved receiver. 12-gauge only: 30-inch barrel; select walnut checkered, straight-grip stock, checkered slide handle, top of receiver matted to reduce glare.

What are the models of the Winchester Repeating Arms?

Winchester-Lee Straight Pull Rifle Model 1890 Model 1906 Model 61 Model 62 and 62A Model 1903 Model 63 Model 1905 Model 1907 Model 1910 Model 55 (Rimfire Rifle)

When did the Winchester Model 42 compensator come out?

CUTTS COMPENSATOR GUNS: Approximately 66 original Cutts Compensator guns were produced in the Winchester factory, making this one of the rarest options on Model 42. New information reveals that Cutts Compensators were available on Model 42 as early as 1950. This offering appeared in Winchester retail price list dated December 15, 1950.