What was the serial number of the daisy airgun?

What was the serial number of the daisy airgun?

Daisy records show that on December 8, 1952, No. 25 guns K004350 thru K005258 were produced. There is no indication in the production records of any pump guns being produced with numbers lower than K004350, but we have personally seen a lower register number, so they do exist.. The record keeping system was totally manual and hand written.

When did Daisy Manufacturing Company change their name?

With the unrivalled popularity of their 1888-model Daisy BB Guns, the company changed the name to Daisy Manufacturing Company in 1895 and switched their business to solely producing air guns for sale. Throughout the 20th century, Daisy has been known as a company that makes and sells BB guns and pellet youth rifles.

How old do you have to be to use a Daisy BB gun?

These simple smoothbore, spring-air BB guns fire at low velocities, and are marketed to children ages 10 and over. In addition to the spring air BB guns, Daisy also markets a line of multi-pump pneumatic rifles capable of firing pellets or BBs to the same age group. Production of the Daisy Model 25 was restarted in 2009.

When did the daisy register change to Lot Number?

The nomenclature was also changed from ‘Register Number’ to ‘Lot Number’ at some point. The register number or lot number 3KXXXXX would have been made in October 1983. Lot numbers began on some guns as early as April 1973, but the old Register Nos. continued on the 1938 Red Ryder into at least 1979.

What does serial number 02112777 mean on guitar?

So the serial number “02112777” would indicate a guitar produced the 2nd day of November in 1982 OR 1992 and was the 777th guitar off the production line. Like some other serial schemes, this one may require you to know something about the ESP guitars of the period because the “Y” digit could mean multiple years.

What’s the serial number on a Kiso guitar?

For example, serial number “K0244299” would indicate a guitar made at the Kiso Factory in 2002 in the 44th week of the year on a Tuesday and being the 99th guitar off the line. Factory designations include: 8 digits stamped on back of headstock.

What’s the serial number on a G & L tribute?

The serial number format is now: “CLFYYMMnnn”, where YY=last two digits of year, MM=two digit month. The G&L Tribute models have a different serial numbering scheme. All the Tribute Models have the build year and month coded in the serial number.