When did Remington become Remington Rand?

When did Remington become Remington Rand?

In 1927, Remington, Dalton and several other office machine companies merged to form Remington Rand.

How many Remington rands were made in 1911s?

45 ACP-chambered semi-automatics of John Browning’s M1911 design. Remington Rand, based out of Syracuse, New York, began to ramp up production starting in about May 1943, and a total of about 900,000 pistols were manufactured for the U.S. government from the five aforementioned companies.

When did Remington Rand start to make pistols?

Remington Rand was awarded its first order on March 16th, 1942, for a total of 125,000 1911A1 pistols. The company had no experience building pistols at the time it was awarded the contract. Remington Rand formed a new division to take charge of building the pistols. The division formed was designated Remington Rand “C” Division.

What kind of slide does a Remington Rand 45 have?

Seen pictured at left is a 1964 National Match .45 pistol with a Drake slide. There are three slide variations in the Remington Rand series. Type 1 is the rarest and only found on 1942 and very early 1943 production, followed by the type 2 which was only used in 1943, and then the Type 3 used in 1943, 1944, and 1945.

Where are the patents on the Remington 45?

The left sides of the slides were marked with Colt patent dates, the “Remington/UMC” logo arrayed in a circle and “Manufactured by/ Remington Arms UMC Co. Inc./ Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A.” The left sides of the receivers bore the same “United States Property” markings found on the Colt and Springfield Armory M1911s.

Where was the Remington Rand C division located?

Remington Rand formed a new division (Remington Rand “C” Division) to take charge of building the pistols. Remington Rand “C” Division converted a vacant plant into a modern pistol manufacturing facility. The plant was located on Dickerson street in Syracuse, N.Y and was once used for building typewriters.