When did Spain start serial number for shotguns?

When did Spain start serial number for shotguns?

Since 1995 Spain integrated the manufacturing year in the serial number in the following form:

Who are the largest gun manufacturers in Spain?

We are partnered with such Spanish arms companies as “Gran Kaptura S.L.U. B55158992 and “BARRAGUN ARMAMENT” and many more Spanish guns companies.

Do you need smokeless proof for a shotgun in Spain?

Guns for export and chambered for cartridges that are not standard in Spain lacks this mark. Re-inforced smokeless proof for shotguns barrels with proof pressure of 12.801 psi Guns imported must have valid proof marks accepted by Eibar proof house.

What’s the minimum proof pressure for a Spanish shotgun?

Spanish Proofmarks. Minimum proof pressure is 8818 psi. Temporary or provisional smokeless powder proof for single and double barrel breech loading and selfloading shotguns. Minimum proof pressure is 12.090 psi. Guns is allowed to have a variation of .016” in bore diameter.

Where are the Spanish shotguns in the spotlight built?

The guns are built in the Basque country, but finished by English craftsmen: “When trying to find a gunmaker to work with for our E.J.Churchill Continental range, Spain was the obvious country to look at,” said Rob. “It has been known for a long time Spanish guns are reliable, handle well]

When do you change the proof on a Barcelona shotgun?

Barcelona mark, replaced no 20 between 1931 and 1935 when the proof house was active. Replace no 26, for rifled pistols. Replace no 29, for guns made within specified dimensional tolerances. Replace no 30, optional smokeless powder proof of shotgun barrels with a proof pressure of 12.090 psi.

Are there any Spanish trademarks for shotguns?

Anyone else out there who has a clue about Spanish TradeMarks please send me an email of what you know. The HZ in an oval is the mark of Zamacola Hermanos, a Spanish gunmaker. FCO. MUGUERZA GUISASOLA, SUC. DE EULALIO IRUSTA PEDRO, SUC. DE DOMINGO IRUSTA LLAMA – GABILONDO Y CIA. MUGICA, SUC. DE J.C. (antes JOSE CRUZ MUGICA) SUCESORES VDA.