Where are AYA guns made?

Where are AYA guns made?

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to make the journey to Spain to visit the factory of AYA (Aguirre y Aranzabal). The factory is located in Eibar, a small city of 25,000 people, situated between the mountains of the Basque region of Northern Spain; thirty minutes’ drive from Bilbao.

Are Aya shotguns good?

The AyA No. 1 gun shot well but it did not sing to me. It was a good gun, and predictable in use – and would, no doubt, give years of sterling service – but it lacked the handling finesse of the Holland Royal upon which it’s based (though, of course, it is much less expensive).

What is the difference between a Boxlock and a Sidelock shotgun?

The Boxlock is simpler in its design and build with fewer components to go wrong. The Sidelock has more solid steel across the action as the Locks are further back which offers additional strength. “The Boxlock has a more compact action where the major works are contained “literally in the box of the action”.

What’s the average price of a Aya shotgun?

Like the No. 2 it still comes with the silver soldered demi-bloc barrels that AYA is famous for. Coming it at roughly $5,000 this shotgun is unquestionably the best value handmade gun you can get custom ordered.

Is the Aya over and under shotgun still in the vault?

The over-and-under shotgun is still held in the vault at AYA by the family and the current Aranzabal brothers faces light up when telling this iconic story to this day. The two Aranzabal brothers folding up the shotgun their father Imanol Arazanbal used to win the Trap Championship of Spain and Europe in 1961 and 1963.

Which is the best Aya sidelock shotgun to buy?

An AYA No. 2 sidelock shotgun being used in the grouse and woodcock woods. This stands as AYA’s most popular shotgun and with custom ordering in fixed chokes and barrel lengths, as well other upgrades like a rounded action, it’s a versatile option for those seeking a truly custom gun.

Is the Aya No.2 sidelock a Holland or Holland?

The AYA No. 2 shotgun is a sidelock designed under the same concept as the Holland and Holland which is not only considered a staple in fine gun making but a foundational principle of side-by-sides.