Are sawed off shotguns illegal in Virginia?

Are sawed off shotguns illegal in Virginia?

Possession or use of “sawed-off” shotgun or rifle. Possession or use of a “sawed-off” shotgun or “sawed-off” rifle for any other purpose, except as permitted by this article and official use by those persons permitted possession by § 18.2-303, is a Class 4 felony. Code 1950, § 18.1-268.2; 1968, c. 661; 1975, cc.

What is the shortest legal barrel length for a 12 gauge shotgun?

18 inches
A shotgun is a firearm subject to the NFA if the shotgun has a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length. A weapon made from a shotgun is also a firearm subject to the NFA if the weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.

How many shells can a shotgun hold legally in Virginia?

three shells
It shall be unlawful to hunt migratory game birds with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined, unless otherwise authorized by the director and consistent with applicable federal regulations. §§ 29.1-501 and 29.1-502 of the Code of Virginia.

Can you keep a gun in your glove box in Virginia?

According to Virginia law, vehicle carry of a loaded handgun is allowed in a secured compartment, or plainly visible without a permit. “In that case,” said Wells, “Doulgerakis was charged with carrying a concealed weapon after a handgun was found in the glove compartment of the car he was driving.

What’s the legal barrel length of shotguns and rifles? Whats the Legal Barrel Length of Shotguns and Rifles? Simply put, on the whole, a rifle barrel should be no less than 16″ and a shotgun barrel should be no less than 18″. While the overall gun length for either a rifle or a shotgun has to be 26″ according to the ATF, paying extra for an exception can make a difference.

Is it legal to shorten the barrel of a shotgun?

It is legal to shorten a shotgun barrel. The minimum legal length, without going through the federal registration process, is 18 inches.

What’s the legal length for a pump shotgun?

A Federal informant who knew Mr. Weaver induced him to shorten the barrels of two Remington Model 870 pump shotguns to the legal minimum of 18 inches. Mr Weaver apparently did not understand that the locked breech-bolt of this model shotgun protrudes significantly into the rear of the barrel when the action is closed for firing.

What’s the legal length of a cat a / B rifle?

no.1) Minimum length for cat a/b is 75 cm. no.2) If shortened, the barrel may not be REDUCED to LESS THAN 50CM = 19.6inch < note (in compliance with no.1) You may purchase an off the shelf rifle with a say 16inch barrel! or even a 12inch barrel <- this isnt meant to make sense, its gunses lawses!!