Can a 41 magnum kill a bear?

Can a 41 magnum kill a bear?

For a bear cartridge anything equal to or more powerful than a . 41 Magnum or . 44 Magnum will be fine. 357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended.

Is 41 Magnum a good caliber?

While still maintaining a healthy following, it is widely overlooked. This is unfortunate, it is a widely capable handgun cartridge. It is a far better big game cartridge than the 357 Magnum and a better defensive cartridge than the 44 Magnum.

Who invented the 41 Magnum?

The . 41 Magnum was developed by Elmer Keith with help from Bill Jordan to be a law enforcement cartridge that would be far and away above the . 357 Magnum.

Can a 40 kill a bear?

Yes a . 40 cal can kill and stop a bear, any bear. I carry my . 40 cal when in bear country and most guys I’m with carry the same weapon or 10 mm.

What kind of gun is a colt da 41?

I have a Colt DA .41 single action 6 shot revolver, 3″ BBL length, chrome plated, black rubber or plastic bird’s head grips. SN# 81XXX, no ejector rod under the BBL, Cylinder in removed by pushing the pinch button in on the side of the frame and pulling the cylinder rod out. I believe this gun is referred to as a Sheriff’s or storekeeper’s model.

Is the colt d.a.38 a.special?

Later, Colt decided to modify their guns to accept the .38 Special, but the .38 Special had been developed by S&W and there was no way in Hades Colt was going to put that caliber on their guns, so they just left the “D.A. 38” as it was. Any gun chambered for the .38 Long Colt or .38 Special will fire .38 Short Colt (if you can find some).

Which is better A.32 or.41 Long Colt?

The .32 Long Colt is the most desirable because there were only a few produced. The .41 Long Colt is more desirable than the .38 Long Colt and there is a premium for blued guns. The longer barrel lengths (4.5″ & 6″) also add a premium.

Why is the Colt Model 1894 called the d.a.38?

This revolver is sometimes called the D.A. 38 for a good reason, as it is a double action revolver and is chambered fo Original Item: Only One Available. The Colt Model 1894 revolver is an important piece of history in the evolution of the modern handgun. This revolver is sometimes called the D.A. 38 for a good reason Shopping Cart (0 )