Can you fix pitting on a gun?

Can you fix pitting on a gun?

Pitting on the external surfaces of a firearm is often thought of as impossible to correct. Extremely light pitting can be removed using an abrasive like sand paper, then reblued. If this is the case, once the red oxide is removed, pitting will remain. …

What causes pitting on a gun?

Causes of Pitting and Corrosion Many things could initiate pitting on guns: surface scratches, finish defects, damages on the protective coating, and shooting corrosive ammunition. Metal oxidation and lack of maintenance nonetheless play primary roles in the pitting mechanism.

Can you shoot a gun with a pitted barrel?

Can barrel corrosion and pitting make a rifle unsafe to shoot? – Quora. Yes. This is dependent on many issues and is very rare that ether corrosion or the pitting would cause a problem.

How do you get rid of pitting corrosion?


  1. Wrap a sheet of 80-grit sandpaper around a sanding block and sand the pitted area aggressively.
  2. Wipe the sanding dust off the metal with a rag.
  3. Scrub the metal with a wire brush to remove rust particles from inside the pits and wipe off the particles with a dry rag.

Can a gunsmith fix pitting?

A really good re-finisher can do wonders with a pitted gun, but some are simply too deep to polish out without noticeably removing a lot of metal. The usual local gunsmiths who still even offer gun bluing seldom do a good job because they don’t do enough metal polishing to acquire or maintain the skills.

Will pitting affect accuracy?

Pitting doesn’t seem to have much effect on accuracy (at least with me shootig) but it does make cleaning more of a chore. And the SKS was never a sniper rifle to begin with. [FWIW, I’ve never shot overly well with anything 7.62×39.]

Can you fix a pitted barrel?

If the bore is pitted, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to “fix” the pitting. Pitting is just that: tiny holes rusted into the metal, and there’s no way to “remove” or “fill” the holes. This does not mean the barrel is no good, or that it won’t shoot good groups.

Is surface rust bad on a gun?

Besides the fact that rust literally deteriorates your firearms and makes them look old and unattractive, it also presents a number of performance and safety issues. Roughed up, rusted surfaces can create drag, which causes friction and pressure.

Is Pitting on a gun bad?

Pitting will not spread unless the neglect continues. Clean off all active rust and keep a light film of oil on it, and the gun will live far longer than you will. Bore pitting is never a good thing, but it may not be bad, either.

Does vinegar remove oxidation from aluminum?

If you are cleaning a large aluminum surface, soak a cloth in vinegar, then wipe it across the oxidation. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush, then wipe away the vinegar and lifted oxidation with a damp cloth.

How do you test for pitting corrosion?

Pitting corrosion testing to ASTM G48 A, C and E test methods. Element performs pitting corrosion testing following ASTM G48 A at test temperature, typically up to 60°C. The test involves the exposure of the materials in a 6 wt % ferrite chloride solution for test durations of 72 hours (typically 24 hours).

Will a pitted bore shoot?

Instead of just regular Hoppes #9 you should try a bore cleaner that is made just to remove copper fouling. Pitted bores often shoot just fine.

What happens when you remove pitting from a gun?

In most cases, the loss of metal could be seen through the appearance of holes on the surface. Once the dissolution of metal caused by pitting reaches a certain level, the firearm would crack or outright break apart. Because guns are repeatedly subjected to recoil, you have to be careful and precise while removing pitting.

What should I put on my gun to protect it from rust?

If you want to outfit your gun with some rust protection, bluing is a great idea. Other protective coatings are also available on the market, so choose one that suits your needs and requirements the most. After the refinishing process is complete, leave the gun alone for a couple of hours, and that should be it.

What kind of sandpaper do you use to Polish a gun?

Polishing removes surface rust and any scratches or pitting that the gun may have suffered over the years. You can use either 000 steel wool or 600 to 1200-grit sandpaper for this purpose. Clean the gun metal.