Can you have 2 TiVo boxes in the same house?

Can you have 2 TiVo boxes in the same house?

Important: A maximum of 12 TiVo devices per account can network with each other. You will need to open a second TiVo account if you add more TiVo devices. All Unified Entertainment System/DVRs must have an active TiVo service plan. All Unified Entertainment System/DVRs must have a broadband Internet connection.

How do I connect two TiVo boxes?

From TiVo Central, go to Settings & Messages > Help > Multiple TiVo Boxes > Streaming Between TiVo Boxes > Multi-room Advanced help.

What is tv360?

Around the house and on the go Virgin TV 360 is designed to move with you. On top of that, shared pause points across all screens let you hop between rooms, from TV box to app, without missing a moment.

Can you run 2 TVs off 1 Virgin box?

Using additional boxes, you can get the same channels on all TVs in your home. You may avail up to five additional set-top boxes and catch your favorite channels in your bedroom, living room, or wherever you are. Using these extra boxes, you can have the same channels that are part of your Virgin TV subscription.

Why does Virgin delete my recordings?

It’s simply a warning that they may delete if space is needed. If you have plenty space, they won’t delete. There is no default setting to allow KUID as it’s not a sensible thing to do.

How does a second V6 box connect?

Connect the short adaptor cable to the connector cable that was plugged into your old set-top box. Connect the adaptor and the ethernet (the one with the yellow ends) to your new set-top box. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your Hub. With the HDMI cable, connect your V6 box to your TV.

Can I watch my TiVo box in another room?

First, select my shows and scroll down to the end, where you will see the name of other Virgin boxes that you have connected. Select the box that you want to watch them from and press ok. Then you can choose the show you want to watch, select ok and you are away to go! Just sit back and relax!

Is Virgin 360 better than V6?

Virgin TV 360 builds on the features offered by the V6 to deliver more to customers from the comfort of their sofas or, thanks to Virgin TV Go, while they’re on the move too. The most important new feature with Virgin TV 360 is arguably the voice activated remote, but let’s look at each of the crucial elements in turn.

Can I get a free V6 box from Virgin?

Virgin V6 box for new customers New customers have it a bit better than existing customers as new customers that sign up to Virgin TV will receive their first V6 box for free.

How do Virgin install a second box?

You place a second Virgin box – either another V6 or an older TiVo – in a second room, then connect both to your network via ethernet. If you haven’t got the facility to link the boxes directly, you can connect via a Powerline plug or similar.

Can you run two TVs off one box?

Normally, TVs require individual cable reception boxes. However, if you have a TV in two different rooms in your home, it’s possible to connect them to the same box using cable splitters. You can either use a wireless cable transmitter or coaxial cable splitters to link the TVs in your home to one cable box.

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