Do they still make the Colt Anaconda?

Do they still make the Colt Anaconda?

The 2021 Anaconda is constructed with new materials and processes thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques and metallurgy since Colt halted production of the revolver nearly three decades ago. The new model is currently only available in the powerful .

Is Colt bringing back the Anaconda .44 Magnum?

Joining the Cobra, King Cobra, and Python, the Colt Anaconda revolver returns for 2021 in 6- and 8-inch barreled . 44 Magnum glory.

Why is the Colt Anaconda so expensive?

Supply and demand. They’re great guns and people want them. There weren’t that many made to start with (compared to their S&W N Frame contemporaries), they’re no longer being made, and collectors are holding the ones they have. Makes for a really high price intersection of your S and D curves.

What is the difference between a Colt Anaconda and a Colt Python?

The Anaconda is a Colt Trooper (with a S&W type lockwork action) on steroids. The Python is a late 19th Century design and the Anaconda is a 20th Century design. We’re talking two entirely different types and class of Colt revolver with the Python requiring greater skill to assemble and time than the Anaconda.

What is a Colt Anaconda 45 long Colt worth?

COLT ANACONDA pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A COLT ANACONDA pistol is currently worth an average price of $2,101.57 new and $2,025.65 used .

What caliber is a Colt Anaconda?

Colt Anaconda
Barrel length 4 inch barrel (102 mm) 6 inch barrel (153 mm) 8 inch barrel (203 mm)
Cartridge .44 Special .44 Magnum .45 Colt
Action Double-action
Feed system Six round cylinder

How much is the new Colt Anaconda?

The suggested retail price on the Colt Anaconda is $1,499. For more information, visit

When was the Colt Anaconda Magnum revolver made?

The Anaconda was only manufactured as a production gun from 1990 through 1999 and then as a limited Colt Custom Shop offering for a few years afterward, which is a shame because the Anaconda was actually a hell of a revolver.

When did Colt stop making the Colt Python?

End of production. In October 1999, Colt announced that it was ceasing production of Python revolvers. In a 2000 follow-up letter to distributors, the company cited changing market conditions and the costs of defending lawsuits as the reasons for the discontinuation of the Python line, as well as a number of other models.

Is the Colt Anaconda the same as the Python?

The barrel look was the same as the classic Python, with a vent rib on top and a full lug underneath. The internal components were different from the Python, however, and were based on the King Cobra/Trooper models.

Who is the product director for the Colt Anaconda?

“The Anaconda is a legendary piece of the Snake Gun series and fills a unique space in the revolver market,” said Justin Baldini, Product Director at Colt. “Our team was dedicated to making this revival worthy of the Colt name while serving the needs of today‚Äôs gun owner.”