How can I tell what model Mont Blanc I have?

How can I tell what model Mont Blanc I have?

The Mont Blanc star logo is usually present in the bottom right corner, check the size and positioning carefully. Some Mont Blanc pens feature a serial number usually located engraved onto a band. Check that it matches any serial numbers detailed on the box or guarantee certificate.

Can I check my Montblanc serial number?

Check for a serial number on the ring attached to the clip on the pen. Most Montblanc pens manufactured after 1991 include a 2 digit serial number followed by seven letters. Authentic pens will also have the word ‘Germany’ etched on the upper cap ring.

When did Montblanc start using serial numbers?

Serial Numbers and Pix Montblanc introduced serial numbers in 1991 in some sort of attempt to counter the replica/counterfeit market.

Do Montblanc pens go up in value?

Due to their superior quality and longevity, Montblanc pens are known for having a higher price tag.

Do Montblanc watches hold their value?

Does Montblanc watches maintain their value? No. In short because it’s a writing instrument company first, and even outstanding watches don’t retain their value.

Do all Mont Blanc pens have serial numbers?

All Montblanc pens produced after 1991 are marked with a serial number—typically two numbers followed by seven letters. Also, the word ‘Germany’ will be etched on the upper cap ring of the pen. Older pens don’t have a serial number but still include the ‘Germany’ etching.

Why are Montblanc pens so expensive?

One reason for this is that they simply have more material, so they cost more to manufacturer. Larger pens need larger nibs to keep the overall look balanced, but some people do say that larger nibs feel nicer to write with. The larger Montblanc 149 (left) has a much larger nib than the smaller Pelikan M200 (right).

What is the difference between Montblanc 146 and 149?

The 146 is a smaller size 149 or that’s what it looks like. The 149 is longer and wider. Somehow the size of the 149 looks more right as if this is the optimal size of this design.

How can you tell a fake Montblanc Rollerball pen?

There are 3 obvious details to search for when you look at a Mont Blanc pen made of precious resin. Since 1991, Mont Blanc has included a tiny serial number on the clip band of its pens. Only the very best fakes include a serial number, and that only started in more recent years.

Are Mont Blanc pens worth the money?

MontBlanc Pens: A Luxury Pen That’s Worth the Investment Aside from the fact that this is a luxurious and respected brand, these pens are actually worth the investment too. For instance, while in a meeting with a potential big client, you will certainly be more impressed when they see you holding such a valuable pen.

Why is Mont Blanc pens so expensive?

How to identify a Montblanc Meisterstuck pen?

Check to be sure the logo appears in the same places on the pen and the Montblanc image from the website; the tip of the pen nib, as well as the top of the cap and the Montblanc name encircling the base of the pen cap are good starting places for immediate identification.

What is the serial number on a Meisterstuck Classique ballpoint pen?

Cap and barrel are crafted in black precious resin inlaid with a white Montblanc emblem. Three platinum-coated rings with embossed Montblanc lettering and a platinum-coated clip with an individual serial number emphasize the timeless design of this luxurious ballpoint pen.

When did Montblanc start using serial number on pens?

Some of the #’s started with GE or GER on the first pens to be produced with serial #’s in 1991. There is no database at Montblanc of serial #’s except for limited editions. Serial #’s are now being reissued or reused, so the same # might be found on 2 different pens made years apart.

When did the Montblanc Meisterstuck Snowcap come out?

For the 75th anniversary of the Meisterstuck line (introduced in 1924) Montblanc released the Special Edition versions of the Meisterstuck line. They are identical to the normal black with gold trim Meisterstuck except that the snowcap has a gold ring with “75 Years of Passion and Soul” engraved and a tiny diamond set in the “O” of “Passion.”