How many Colt Lightning rifles were made?

How many Colt Lightning rifles were made?

The medium-frame Colt Lightning Magazine Rifle was manufactured between 1884 and 1904. It was the first slide-action rifle offered by Colt. Colt records indicate 89,777 were produced, in .

When was the pump action rifle invented?

The first pump rifle was made by Colt starting in 1884. The Colt Lightning, designed by former Remington gunsmith William H. Elliott, was meant to compete with Winchester’s lever-action rifles of the time.

What Pistols did Doc Holliday use?

Doc’s weapon of choice was a . 38 caliber, nickel-plated, pearl-handled, double-action (self-cocker) 1877 Colt Lightning. He also carried a knife, some say a bowie.

When did the first double action revolver come out?

In 1889, Colt introduced the Model 1889, the first truly modern double action revolver, which differed from earlier double action revolvers by having a “swing-out” cylinder, as opposed to a “top-break” or “side-loading” cylinder.

Why are there no pump-action rifles?

Pump rifles are not popular because a pump action excels at quick shots rather than precise ones. Moving the forend to reload throws off the shooting position. This is fine for shotguns, but kind of defeats the point of a rifle.

What was the serial number of the Colt Lightning?

Some 401 of these guns, specifically 26-inch barreled, medium-frame models in 44-40 WCF, were bought by the San Francisco Police Department in 1898. These rifles are in their own serial number range and are marked “S.F.P. (serial number)” on the lower tang. Large frame Colt Lightning.

What kind of ammunition does a Colt Lightning Carbine use?

Colt Lightning Carbine. Colt eventually made the Lightning Rifle in three different frame sizes, to accommodate a wide range of cartridges, from .22 Short caliber and .38-40 to .50-95 Express. Its profile somewhat resembles the pump-action rimfire rifles made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Remington Arms.

How big is the barrel of a Colt Lightning Rifle?

22 Caliber Lightning rifle with 24 inch octagon barrel. A very nice little rifle and this is a good example. Receiver has most finish remaining and is a blue/brown color. Very nice blue on barrel.

Why was the Colt Lightning Rifle so popular?

The combination of having rifle and revolver chambered for the same cartridge was an attractive formula. The Colt Lightning rifle proved itself a durable companion to the Single Action Army revolver and the cash registers positively buzzed with sales. Colt kept their Lightning rifle as simple and rugged as they could.