How many grains of black powder should you put in a 44 caliber 1858 Remington revolver?

How many grains of black powder should you put in a 44 caliber 1858 Remington revolver?

. 44 caliber revolvers can generally hold a maximum of about 30 grains of powder. However, optimal accuracy will probably happen around 18 grains of 3F powder using round balls. When loading, you want to look for a shaved ring of lead being shaved off the ball when it is driven into the chamber.

How long can you leave black powder gun loaded?

over a period of 24 hours. If black powder picks up sufficient moisture, there is a possibility that the black powder will not burn as fast. High relative humidity may cause erratic behavior. Water may cause the potassium nitrate to migrate out of the black powder and cause corrosion of metallic parts.

Are there any 1858 Remington New Model revolvers?

This is a guest blog by good buddy Jose, and it compares two modern Italian reproductions of the famed .44 caliber 1858 Remington New Model Army revolver. One is manufactured by A. Uberti S.p.A. (it’s the one on top in the big photo above); the other is by F.LLI Pietta (the revolver on the bottom).

How big is a black powder Uberti revolver?

This revolver features a Walker style grip, square brass trigger guard, steel backstrap, and oval notches on the cylinder. Blue finish with case hardened frame and Blade front sights. The barrel is 7 1/2″ long. Overall length is 13.4″ and weight is 4.1 pounds. Click on the picture to enlarge. Made by Uberti.

When did the Remington New Army revolver come out?

The Remington Arms Company began production of 1858 New Army single-action revolvers, and 5 years later the revolver had gained a foothold. In the years following the Civil War, the black powder firearms maker also manufactured a carbine version of the 1859 New Army, called the 1858 Target Carbine, in smaller numbers. Contact a Uberti dealer.

What kind of gun is Uberti reproduction of?

Uberti is one of the great Italian gun manufacturers when it comes to making quality reproductions of classic firearms. They make everything from the old 1844 Walker Colt to the legendary falling-block High Wall, so if you’re looking for a gun out of the Old West, they’re the ones to look to first.