How much does a BENELLI Vinci cost?

How much does a BENELLI Vinci cost?

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PRICE $1,499.99
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3-1/2in
Capacity 3+1
Barrel Length 28in

How much is a BENELLI Super Vinci worth?

Benelli Super Vinci 10553 For Sale, Reviews, Price – $499.63 – In Stock.

Is the BENELLI Vinci good?

weight distribution – and it is only 7lb all up – is excellent. The gun is lively and points naturally with a 70cm barrel which equates to just under 28in (but the sighting plane is significantly longer). The fore-end and grip provide first class purchase with rubberised “ComforTouch” surfaces and good shapes.

What year did the BENELLI Super Vinci come out?

The Super Vinci was unveiled in January 2011, the big brother (meaning, 3 ½-inch capable) to the original Vinci. The one I field tested this fall had a 26-inch barrel, a synthetic stock and was finished with a Realtree MAX4 camo pattern.

How much does a Super Vinci weight?

The weight of the Super Vinci is approximately 7 lbs., and the manufacturer suggested retail price for the various models is $1,799 or $1,899. Other standard features which the Super Vinci is equipped with are choke tube wrench, shim kit, and a hard case.

How much does a Benelli Vinci shotgun cost?

The Benelli Vinci comes with a hefty 1400 dollar price tag. For me, the cost should be dropped by about 400 dollars. I think that the cost just doesn’t match my expectations or experience with the Vinci. You can purchase comparable shotguns at a less steep cost.

When did Benelli come out with the Vinci line?

In 2009, Benelli introduced its brand new Vinci line. At the time, it made a big splash, and rightfully so. The Vinci is not just a rehash of older designs from the 1960’s.

Why is my Benelli Super Vinci not feeding?

Another common reason for a failure to feed issue is improper shouldering of the weapon. Another issue which some people encounter isn’t really an issue, per se, but rather a case of inconvenience and adaptation. The safety button of the Super Vinci is located in front of the trigger, and that could take some getting used to.

How big of a shell do you need for a Benelli shotgun?

What some people fail to internalize is that the Super Vinci is a shotgun designed to handle 3½” shells. Using smaller loads (standard skeet or trap) may cause them to not feed as reliably. Benelli reps recommend breaking the gun in with 100 or 200 3″ heavy shells.