How much does a peacemaker revolver cost?

How much does a peacemaker revolver cost?

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PRICE $1,899.99
Action Revolver
Capacity 6
Barrel Length 4.75in
Finish Case Hardened & Blued

Is Uberti a good revolver?

They have been outstanding. I gave them all action jobs when they were new (15 years ago) and they have been reliable, accurate revolvers. I’ve had to replace a trigger/bolt spring a time or two but that’s so simple than a Democrat could do it. Some Uberti models come with an action job.

What’s the serial number on a colt 1873?

COLT MODEL 1873 U.S. CAVALRY REVOLVER W/ARCHIVE LETTER- AND-KOPEC LETTER! This is a very nice Colt S.A.A. U.S. Cavalry revolver. Serial number #54805 , and all matching, numbered parts. 5 1/8 “, privately shortened and front sight repositioned Barre …Click for more info

When was the first Colt Army revolver made?

Nice, original Colt Single Action Army revolver made in 1897. The serial number 168816 matches on the frame, triggerguard and backstrap. It is a .45 with a 7 1/2″ barrel, blue finish and rubber s …Click for more info

What kind of Revolver is the Colt 45?

This Colt SAA 1st Generation 45 caliber revolver is all original and in very high condition. The Colt Archive and John Kopec letters accompany this rare civilian Peacemaker. All matching including the …Click for more info Colt Single Action Army Revolver chambered in .44/40. This Colt was made in 1888 but is still highly fuctioning.

What was the cartridge for the Winchester Model 1873?

With the introduction of single-action Colt pistol in 1878, chambered for the same cartridge, the individual had the convenience of a pistol for protection and accuracy of the Winchester for food and protection. The .44-40 was the standard cartridge for Model 1873.