How much is a Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine worth?

How much is a Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine worth?

What is an ENFIELD 303 NO5 MK I JUNGLE CARBINE rifle Worth? AN ENFIELD 303 NO5 MK I JUNGLE CARBINE rifle is currently worth an average price of $815.80 used .

Who used the jungle carbine?

Jungle Carbine

Rifle No 5 Mk I (aka Lee–Enfield No 5 Mk I, aka Lee–Enfield Jungle Carbine)
In service 1944–Present
Used by United Kingdom Commonwealth of Nations Indonesia
Wars Korean War Malayan Emergency Bangladesh Liberation War Bougainville Civil War British Post-WWII colonial conflicts
Production history

Was the jungle carbine used in ww2?

Military service. The term “Jungle Carbine” was colloquial and never officially applied by the British Armed Forces, but the Rifle No. 5 Mk I was informally referred to as the “Jungle Carbine” by British and Commonwealth troops during World War II and the Malayan Emergency.

Is the Lee Enfield a carbine?

The Lee–Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century….Models/marks of Lee–Enfield rifle and service periods.

Model/Mark In service
Rifle 7.62 mm 2A1 1965–present

What is the serial number of a Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine?

A nice genuine British No5 Jungle Carbine dated 1945, chambered in .303 caliber, Serial number BB7767 Has matching serial numbers, including the barrel & fore-end. Correct barrel that has the correct scalloped lightening cuts. Magazine has been renumbered and has a matching number to the rifle. The wood work is in really nice condition.

Where was the british.303 Jungle Carbine made?

The rear sight is graduated to 800 yards, instead of the 1300-yard sight found on No.4 rifles. Production of the new rifle began at the Royal Ordnance Factories at Fazakerly and BSA Shirley. Although several thousand No. 5 rifles were made before WWII ended in August 1945, the design did not see a lot of combat use during the war.

Why is the.303 Jungle Carbine not accurate?

There were several attempts to determine if there was a design defect that caused this problem but they never settled on a single cause. A significant factor in the lack of accuracy is apparently the flash hider. In tests of rifles without it they held the accuracy for more shots. But that was one contributing factor, not the cause.

How many Lee Enfield Mk 1 rifles were made?

According to “The Lee-Enfield Story” there were approximately 250,000 No. 5 Mk. 1 Rifles produced. This figure is not certain as there are some overlap and discrepancies in factory serial number records. As they were removed from British service some No. 5 rifles were given or sold to other nations.