How much is a Smle mk3?

How much is a Smle mk3?


PRICE: $188.00 MANUFACTURER: Enfield
CALIBER: .303 British MANF. PART #:

What does a Lee Enfield cost?

What is a LEE ENFIELD rifle Worth? A LEE ENFIELD rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,306.17 new and $623.49 used .

What is a Lithgow Smle?

SMLE No. The Lee Enfield MkIII, known as the ‘three-O-three’ was the first weapon produced at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory. Approved in January 1907, this short rifle superseded the Long Lee Enfield and featured a number of improvements over previous Marks in respect to simplified manufacture and battle efficiency.

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What is a 303 Lee Enfield worth?

What is an ENFIELD 303 rifle Worth? AN ENFIELD 303 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,308.58 new and $609.35 used .

What kind of rifle is the Lithgow star?

Lithgow Star, sight protector, butt plate and disc, mag and follower, trigger guard, cocking piece. No volleys or cut-off. Range sight letting. Ground front volley plate. 1943. Matching action, bolt, nose cap, timbers, rear sight and barrel. Barrel dated 1/43. DP Drill purpose marked. Stock has been cracked but has been professionally repaired.

Where was the Lithgow Lee Enfield bolt action rifle made?

Short, Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) No.1 Mk III bolt action rifle in .303 British made at the Lithgow factory in Australia in 1919. (Photo: Joshua Gillem)

What kind of rifle is the SHT Le Mk III?

I have a 303 SHT L.E. MK III* British rifle that was made by the BSA Co1917 . It has fine increments on the rear sight (200-2000yds? in 250yds increments?) the rear sight has side ways adjustments as well.

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When did the Lithgow SMLE Mk III come out?

Lithgow Small Arms manufacturer markings. (Photo: Joshua Gillem) The SMLE No.1 Mk III was first introduced in 1907, and was a variant of an earlier Lee Enfield rifle. The manufacturers made periodic changes to these rifles in an effort to produce them as fast as possible during the peak of WWI.