How much is a used Springfield XD 40?

How much is a used Springfield XD 40?


Price Item Date Sold
$720.00 40 S&W XD M SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDM 3 8 COMPACT BI TONE 40S&W XDM9384CSHC 706397888220 about a month ago

How much is a Springfield Armory XD 40?

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PRICE $519.99
Caliber 40 S&W
Capacity 10+1
Barrel Length 4in
Finish Black/Stainless

How much is a Springfield XD .40 sub compact worth?

SUB COMPACT pistol Worth? A SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD. SUB COMPACT pistol is currently worth an average price of $361.77 new and $352.66 used .

Is Springfield XD .40 a good gun?

With the XD 40, you get a bit of the best of both worlds. So, it’s a very basic pistol with a few nice touches. It has one of the most logical safety systems on any handgun. It’s definitely accurate, and shoots rather pretty easily for a .

What kind of ammo does a Springfield XD 40 take?

The new . 40 caliber model fits 6+1 rounds using the flush magazine and 7+1 with the included Mid-Mag. The 9mm and . 45 ACP models hold 7+1 / 8+1 and 5+1 / 6+1 rounds respectively.

Is a Springfield XD 40 a Glock?

The Springfield XD is a recoil-operated, locked breech, striker-fired handgun. In both inward and outward appearance, it is very similar to the Glock 19 handgun. The XD is dimensionally almost identical to the Glock 19. Both pistols are 7.3 inches long with a 4-inch barrel.

Which XD pistol is the best?

The Springfield XD series are some of the most popular and most widely available handguns on the market right now, and one of the best CCW guns of the lot is the first one – the XD. 3-in subcompact.

How much does a XD40 cost?


Price Item Condition
$305.00 9MM 40 S&W 45 ACP SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD 3… 9MM 40 S&W 45… New
$343.00 40 S&W XD SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDS 40S&W 4 W… 40 S&W XD… Used
$441.00 40 S&W XD MOD 2 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 40S&W 3… 40 S&W XD MOD… New

What is the best Springfield XD model?

The Best Springfield Handguns For Carry

  • XD. 3-Inch Subcompact.
  • XD(M) 3.8-In Compact.
  • Springfield Range Officer Champion 1911.
  • XD(S) 3.3-Inch.
  • Springfield EMP.
  • Springfield EMP Lightweight Champion.
  • Range Officer Compact Model.
  • XD Mod.

What’s the weight of a Springfield XD 40?

The trigger pull weight is around 6 lbs for most pistols. The trigger is usable, if nothing else. There’s a long mushy take-up with no weight to it and a hard stack at the very end, typical of most striker guns. The reset is decently tactile. The gun ships with two magazines, which hold 12+1 of .40 S&W.

What kind of gun is Springfield Armory XD s?

With this new XD-S chambered in .40 caliber, Springfield Armory has covered the bases with the most popular self-defense calibers for semi-automatic pistols.

Where does the name Springfield XD come from?

“XD” stands for “Extreme Duty,” as these pistols are just like the polymer workhorse guns made by so many other gun companies. The XD is made in Croatia, by the arms maker HS Produkt. Springfield Armory imports them and stamps “Springfield Armory” on the slide.

Is the XD 4 a low capacity gun?

The XD® 4″ Service Model .40 SW Low Capacity is the ideal handgun for folks who live with magazine restrictions. The grip texturing locks the gun into your hand for exceptional recoil management, even in rapid fire.