How old is my Husqvarna?

How old is my Husqvarna?

The first 2 digits of the serial number are the month of manufacture. The 2nd 2 digits are the day of the month. The 3rd 2 digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture. Who manufactures Husqvarna lawn mowers?

How do you read a Husqvarna serial number?

On the plate, the top number is the Husqvarna model number, the second is the part number of the unit, and the bottom number is the serial number of the unit.

What do Husqvarna model numbers mean?

The first digit in a Husqvarna chainsaw model number refers to the generation or series. There are currently 5 generations of Husqvarna saws: 1,2,3,4,5. For example, the 4 in the Husqvarna 450 means it’s a 4th generation Husky chainsaw. The second and third digits, following the series number, refer to the engine CCs.

What engine does Husqvarna use?

Husqvarna Motorcycles produces a diverse range of motocross, enduro and supermoto machines using their own two-stroke or four-stroke engines, ranging in capacity from 125 cc to 693 cc. In 2015, a modern chainsaw production facility was opened in the very town where it all began, Huskvarna Sweden.

How do you read a serial number?

The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 (DM), and eight digits in length after.

How do I identify my Husqvarna chain?

The model number of a Husqvarna chainsaw is printed on the side of the recoil assembly on the unit(eg. 455, 460, 372 XP). Husqvarna chainsaws also have a small metal plate stamped with the model number, part number, and serial number. The plate is typically located in one of four locations.

What are the serial numbers of Husqvarna hammerless guns?

All Husqvarna Hammerless guns serial numbered before 165900 are 65mm. Higher serial numbers are always 70mm. Husqvarna never made 75mm chambers. Exceptions are:

What are the serial numbers for Husqvarna Model 55?

Models 55, 155 and 255 Serial Number Year of Manufacture 44255 1941 54255 1944 64255 1946 74255 1948

How can I find out what year my Husqvarna is?

Copy down the two sets of numbers on a piece of paper. The top set of numbers is the product or model number. The bottom set of numbers is the serial number. Call Husqvarna customer service at (800) 487-5951 and relay the model and serial numbers to the representative. He should be able to help you pinpoint the year of your Husqvarna product.

What was the length of the first Husqvarna shotgun?

Husqvarna was one of the first companies that to adopt to 2 3/4” (or 70mm) chamber length as early as 1937, as a general rule all guns after 165 000 have the longer chamber – some guns before might be 2 3/4” but most are 2 ½”.