Is the 7mm STW accurate?

Is the 7mm STW accurate?

Many of the rifles had been rechambered from 7mm Remington Magnum, and the accuracy of a very large percentage improved dramatically after their rechamber jobs. Remington’s first 7mm STW factory ammo was loaded with the 140-grain Core-Lokt bullet, and it often exceeded 3,400 fps in 26-inch barrels.

What caliber is a 7mm STW?

The 7mm Shooting Times Westerner, sometimes referred to as the 7mm STW began as a wildcat rifle cartridge developed by Layne Simpson in 1979….

7mm Shooting Times Westerner
Parent case 8mm Remington Magnum
Case type Belted, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .284 in (7.2 mm)
Neck diameter .315 in (8.0 mm)

Who makes 7mm STW rifles?

Large-scale riflemakers that have chambered the 7mm STW include: Remington Arms (Model 700); Winchester (Model 70); Sako (TRG-S, 75); Savage Arms (Model 114, 116); and Weatherby (Mark V).

Who invented the 7mm STW?

The 7mm STW was developed by Layne Simpson, gun writer for the Shooting Times Westerner magazine. Based on the 8mm Remington magnum case necked down to 7mm, Simpson’s goal was to drive 160 grain bullets at over 3200fps.

How far can a 7mm Ultra Mag shoot?

The 7mm can be used on heavy game with accurate distances up to 300 yards before noticeable wound penetration and trajectory drop-off occurs.

What is a 257 STW?

257 STW (Shooting Times Westerner) is based on the 7mm STW case, which is our old friend the 8mm Remington magnum, necked down to 7mm with no other changes. As mentioned earlier, they do have a reputation for being hard on barrels.

What does the 30 Nosler compare to?

The 30 Nosler outperforms the 300 Weatherby in every category, including trajectory, velocity and energy. The 30 Nosler also headspaces off the shoulder, improving alignment with the bore. See how they compare in the charts below.

What kind of rifle is the Sako quad?

The world’s most advanced turn-bolt action rifle available in six different action sizes. Performance that surpasses the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and versatility. The Sako Quad is a special small- game bolt-action rimfire rifle with interchangeable barrels. The Finnfire II brings a kind of retro spirit into our rimfire selection.

What kind of bullets are made by SAKO?

Depicted on the right is the small-diameter grain structure of the Sako brass. All hunting loads and bullets are developed at the Sako ballistics laboratory. They are tested during real big game hunts for optimal weight retention and double-diameter mushrooming for maximum impact. Sako manufactures cases and bullets suited for reloading.

Is the Sako Arrowhead 2 still in production?

Performance that surpasses the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and versatility. Our skilled craftsmen are eager to make your vision come to life with more personalized rifles. From this section you can find information about the models that are no longer in production.

Where can I download the Sako ballistic calculator?

Download Sako reloading components PDF The Sako Mobile Ballistics App is an easy-to-use ballistic calculator allowing hunters and long-range shooters to identify the right cartridge for the given purpose. You can also use the calculator in your browser. Download from App Store Download from Google Play