What ammo does a Colt Detective Special Use?

What ammo does a Colt Detective Special Use?

Colt Detective Special

Detective Special
Barrel length 2 inch, 3 inch
Cartridge .32 New Police .38 New Police .38 Special
Action Double-action
Feed system 6-round cylinder

How much is a Colt Trooper Mark 3 worth?

Recently Sold COLT TROOPER MK III pistol

Price Item
$2,495.00 .357 MAGNUM COLT TROOPER MK III, NOS 6″ BLUE 357, COMPLETE Standish, MI
$1,300.00 .357 MAG. ULTRA RARE 1970 COLT TROOPER MK III 4″ MAG W/ BOX & TARGET COLLECTOR Hillsville, PA 16132

What is Colt Trooper worth?

A COLT TROOPER pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,904.60 new and $1,085.21 used .

Can A.38 special handle + P ammunition?

Forever since, the question “Can my revolver handle +P ammunition?” has been posted on gun forums and eliciting responses of derision, speculation, precise wisdom and even downright hilarity. So what about the .38 Special +P?

When did the.38 special get a + P rating?

The .38 Special is now a bona fide centurion (and then some) but back in 1974, it got a well needed kick in the pants when SAAMI gave a +P rating to any load over 17,000 PSI but under 20,000 PSI.

Can a Colt gun be used with + P ammunition?

First, if you plan to use +P ammunition in any Colt, it is imperative that the gun is within factory specifications in every respect. If there is any deficiency, the increased wear patterns from +P use can render the gun unusable or even unsafe in short order. Regardless of the model, you will experience increased wear if you use +P ammunition.

What was the caliber of the Colt Trooper?

Like most Troopers observed in the wild, it is in .357 The MK III Trooper was offered in .357, .38 Special, .22 Magnum, and .22 LR with a choice of 4-, 6-, or 8-inch solid-rib barrels.