What are REM chokes?

What are REM chokes?

Remington’s factory Rem Chokes are a system of interchangeable choke tubes and extended chokes that allow you to quickly and easily change the choke of your shotgun to match specific hunting conditions. Performance tuned for all Remington shotguns in field and target constrictions for optimal pattern performance.

Can I shoot slugs out of a modified choke?

Yes, you can shoot rifled slugs through your modified choke. You could even shoot rifled slugs through a full choke. But you will probably have best results with a modified or improved cylinder.

What is a Remington Rem choke?

What size is a modified choke?

Modified (MOD) – The modified choke is most effective from 20 to 35 yards with lead and with steel shot at 25 to 45 yards. In a 12-gauge, its measurement can be 0.019 in. and 0.020 in.

Can you shoot 00 buckshot through a modified choke?

“Slugs and buckshot should not be shot through both tight (improved modified, full, or extra full) fixed chokes or any type of screw-in choke; you are likely to damage the gun.”

What is the best choke for Remington 870?

The best turkey choke for your Remington 870 is one of the vital pieces of equipment you need to have with you before you head out. Turkey chokes allow you to shape the spread of the pellets when shooting at the turkey. The pellet pattern created by turkey chokes allows you to effectively kill your prey.

What are modified chokes used for?

Modified choke has moderate constriction. The pellets stay together longer, making the shot string denser and more useful at longer ranges. This choke is used often when dove hunting and when using steel shot to hunt for ducks or geese. There is also an Improved Modified choke that is slightly tighter than Modified.

Is modified choke tighter than improved cylinder?

An improved cylinder is most effective from 20 to 35 yards. Modified: This choke has less constriction than a full choke, delivering approximately 60 percent of a shell’s total pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. It’s great for general waterfowl hunting and upland game such as pheasants and rabbits.

Which is the best Rem Choke tube to buy?

Carlson’s Bone Collector Turkey Choke Tube 12 Gaug… JEBS High Voltage Extended Rem Choke 12 Gauge Mid to Long Range Choke Tube 0.690… JEBS High Voltage Extended Rem Choke 12 Gauge Mid Kick’s Industries Remington Choke 12 Ga Full High Flyer Ported Extended Choke Tu… Kick’s Industries Remington Choke 12 Ga Full High …

What kind of choke do you use on a Remington rifle?

There are many types of Rem chokes you can use in your Remington weapons; full choke, modified choke, improved cylinder choke and many others. The full choke will give you the tightest constriction inside the bore.

Why do you need a modified choke on a shotgun?

A modified choke is a suitable choke for shotgun users who don’t want the openness of a cylinder choke or the heavy constriction of a full choke. Modified chokes basically provide moderate constriction in your shots so that you can have better accuracy and a decent amount of spreading at the same time.

Can you thread a barrel for a remchoke?

Until then, the results can be who offer this service.” discard ten percent of their shot patterns.” piloted in the bore! Point of impact will not change!” Ported Choke Tubes (12 & 20ga.)